A Forgotten Kingdom: The Spanish Frontier in Colorado and New Mexico, 1540-1821
BLM Cultural Resources Series (Colorado: No. 29)
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Chapter I New Mexico, 1536-1680

Chapter II The Reconquest of New Mexico, 1692-1704

Chapter III New Mexico after Vargas, 1704-1714

Chapter IV New Mexico's Time of Troubles, 1710-1723

Chapter V Rumors of the French in New Mexico, 1723-1737

Chapter VI The Church in Frontier New Mexico

Chapter VII Indians, Traders and Trouble, 1735-1750

Chapter VIII New Mexico's Renaissance, 1749-1761

Chapter IX Visitors and Changes in New Mexico, 1760-1772

Chapter X New Mexico's Last Years of Freedom

Chapter XI New Mexico, 1776-1821

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Illustration Credits: Unless otherwise noted, all illustrations are adapted from: John L. Kessell, Kiva, Cross, and Crown (Washiington: National Park Service, 1979).

Hardcopy Designed and Typeset By: Leigh Wellborn
Series Production: Frederic J. Athearn

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This work is dedicated to the memories of
John Francis Bannon, S.J.
France V. Scholes

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