Big Juniper House of Mesa Verde, Colorado
Wetherill Mesa Studies
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Reasons for Excavation
Location and Environment
Excavation Procedure


Rooms and Areas
Other Areas and Features


Mesa Verde Gray Ware
Mesa Verde White Ware
San Juan Red Ware
Intrusive Pottery
Miscellaneous Ceramic Objects


Milling or Grinding Implements
Fabricating Implements
Ornaments and Paint Stones
Ceremonial Object
Artifacts of Uncertain Use


Bone Artifacts
Textile Remains


Chipping Debris
Unmodified Animal Bones
Other Material

BURIALS (omitted from the online edition)


Stone Artifacts
Bone Artifacts



Tree-ring Dates from Big Juniper House

INDEX (omitted from the online edition)



1 Map of Four Corners area
2 Aerial view of Wetherill Mesa
3 Location of Big Juniper House and other excavated sites
4 Big Juniper House, looking north
5 Plan of Big Juniper House
6 Cross sections through Big Juniper House
7 Room 1a, Floor 2
8 Plan and sections of Rooms 1a and 1b
9 Room 1a, exterior of north wall
10 Room 1b, Floor 2
11 Room 2
12 Detail of northeast corner of Room 2
13 Room 3
14 Rooms 5 and 24
15 Plan and sections of Rooms 5 and 24
16 Rooms 6 and 11
17 Plan and sections of Rooms 6, 7, and 8
18 Rooms 7 and 8
19 Room 10, Floor 2
20 Plan and sections of Room 10
21 Plan and sections of Room 11
22 Room 15
23 Kiva A, looking east
24 Plan and sections of Kiva A
25 Kiva B, looking southwest
26 Plan and sections of Kiva B
27 Detail of Kiva B banquette face
28 Detail of north section of banquette face with niche, Kiva B
29 Later walls over Kiva B, and part of cross wall
30 Kiva C, looking south
31 Plan and sections of Kiva C
32 Detail of Kiva C banquette face and pilaster
33 Surface texturing on gray ware body sherds
34 Gray ware base sherd with coiled basket-impressed exterior
35 Mancos Gray rim and body sherds; Moccasin Gray neck sherd
36 Mummy Lake Gray jar
37 Mummy Lake Gray rim sherds
38 Mummy Lake Gray rim sherds
39 Mancos Corrugated sherds showing typical forms of patterning
40 Mancos Corrugated jars
41 Applique forms on Mancos Corrugated jar sherds
42 Mancos Corrugated jar rim sherds
43 Mancos Corrugated sherds
44 Mesa Verde Corrugated jars
45 Piedra Black-on-white bowl
46 Cortez Black-on-white vessels
47 Cortez Black-on-white sherds with interlocking scroll designs
48 Cortez Black-on-white sherds with combination designs
49 Cortez Black-on-white bowl sherds with combination designs
50 Cortez Black-on-white jar sherd with combination designs
51 Cortez Black-on-white sherds with combination designs
52 Cortez Black-on-white sherds with combination designs
53 Cortez Black-on-white sherds with various designs
54 Cortez Black-on-white sherds with various designs
55 Mancos Black-on-white bowl sherds
56 Mancos Black-on-white bowl rim with coiled basket-impressed exterior
57 Mancos Black-on-white bowls, interior and side views
58 Mancos Black-on-white jars
59 Mancos Black-on-white pitchers
60 Mancos Black-on-white ladles
61 Mancos Black-on-white design layouts, fields of decoration, and vessel forms
62 Mancos Black-on-white sherds with combination designs
63 Mancos Black-on-white sherds with diagonal straight-line hachure
64 Mancos Black-on-white sherds with broad-line designs
65 Mancos Black-on-white sherds with triangle designs
66 Mancos Black-on-white sherds with dot designs
67 Mancos Black-on-white sherds showing various design styles
68 Mancos Black-on-white sherds with checkerboard designs
69 Mancos Black-on-white sherds with narrow-line designs
70 Mancos Black-on-white sherds and fragmentary vessels showing various decorations
71 Mancos Black-on-white sherds with zoomorphic figures
72 Mancos Black-on-white handle forms
73 McElmo Black-on-white bowls
74 McElmo Black-on-white sherds
75 McElmo Black-on-white bowl or ladle sherds
76 Local red ware, trade ware, and local polychrome sherds
77 Type 1 worked sherds
78 Type 2 worked sherds
79 Type 3 worked sherds
80 Type 4 worked sherds
81 Type 5 worked sherds
82 Type 6 worked sherds
83 Type 7 and Type 10 worked sherds
84 Type 7 worked sherds
85 Wooden piercer or dagger inserted into tubular handle
86 Type 8 worked sherds
87 Type 9 worked sherds
88 Miniature bowl sherds
89 Miniature ladle sherds
90 Miniature ladle
91 Miniature jar sherds
92 Mancos Black-on-white plate sherds
93 Cortez Black-on-white plate fragment
94 Figurines
95 Fragments of pipes (?)
96 Modeled objects of clay
97 Troughed, plain-faced, and plain/troughed metates
98 Subtype 1A manos
99 Subtype 1B manos
100 Subtype 1C manos
101 Subtypes 1D, 2A, and 2B manos
102 Mortars
103 Unspecialized milling stones, Type 1
104 Unspecialized milling stones, Types 2, 3, and 4
105 Handstones
106 Crushers
107 Abrading stones
108 Saws
109 Whetstone
110 Grooved abraders
111 Polishing stones and rubbing stone
112 Notched and grooved hammers
113 Rough hammerstones, Types 1 and 2, and discoidal hammerstone
114 Rough hammerstones, Type 2
115 Rough hammerstones, Type 3
116 Pitted hammerstones
117 Method of grasping pitted hammerstones
118 Axes
119 Choppers
120 Scrapers
121 Scraper and waste flake
122 Planes
123 Knives or projectile points
124 Drills
125 Utilized flakes, cutting
126 Utilized flakes: blades and knife
127 Utilized flakes, cutting and scraping
128 Utilized flake, scraping
129 Utilized flakes: chopping; cutting and chopping; and cutting,scraping, and pounding
130 Utilized flakes: sawing; cutting and drilling; and cutting and punching
131 Utilized cores
132 Anvils
133 Pendants and pendant blanks
134 Paint stones
135 Ceremonial object
136 Slabs
137 Tether weight
138 Concretions
139 Concretion balls
140 Concretions, possible pot supports
141 Concretions, bird-shaped "pot supports"
142 Indeterminate objects
143 Bird bone awls, Types 1, 2, and 3
144 Mammal bone awl, Type 1
145 Mammal bone awls, Subtype 2A
146 Mammal bone awls, Subtype 2B
147 Mammal bone awl, Subtype 2C
148 Mammal bone awls, Type 3
149 Kit of bone tools in Kiva B
150 Mammal bone awls, Subtype 4A
151 Mammal bone awls, Subtypes 4B and 4A
152 Mammal bone awls, Subtype 4B
153 Mammal bone awls, Subtype 4C
154 Mammal hone awl, Type 5
155 Mammal bone scrapers
156 Possible scrapers of mammal bone
157 Knife-like object and problematical objects of mammal bone
158 Perforated mammal tibia
159 Tubular beads of turkey bone
160 Tool blank of mammal bone
161 Problematical object of turkey bone
162 Problematical object of turkey bone
163 Map of South Trash Mound showing locations of burials (omitted from the online edition)
164 Abnormalities in human bones (omitted from the online edition)
165 Burials 3, 1, and 2 (omitted from the online edition)
166 Burial 4, with "killed" bowl over skull (omitted from the online edition)
167 Burial 4, with bowl removed from skull (omitted from the online edition)
168 Burial 5 (omitted from the online edition)
169 Burial 6 (omitted from the online edition)
170 Burial 8 (omitted from the online edition)
171 Burials 9 and 10 (omitted from the online edition)
172 Burial 11 (omitted from the online edition)
173 Burials 12, 13, 14, and 15 (omitted from the online edition)
174 Burials 16 and 17 (omitted from the online edition)
175 Burial 18 (omitted from the online edition)
176 Burials 19 and 20 (omitted from the online edition)
177 Burial 22 (omitted from the online edition)
178 Burial 23 (omitted from the online edition)
179 Burial 24 (omitted from the online edition)

1 Tree-ring dates from Room 1a
2 Tree-ring dates from Room 10
3 Distribution of sherds by pottery type
4 Percentages of design styles, carbon paint, and rim decoration on Cortez Black-on-white sherds
5 Percentages of design styles, carbon paint, and rim decoration on Mancos Black-on-white sherds
6 Distribution of worked sherds by type
7 Distribution of worked-sherd types by pottery type
8 Distribution of miniature vessels and vessel fragments
9 Distribution of stone artifacts by type (PDF)
10 Distribution of bone artifacts by type
11 Unworked turkey bones by age groupings and elements
12 Distribution of unworked turkey bones by elements
13 Distribution of unworked mammal bones and skeletons by species
14 Human bone pathologies (omitted from the online edition)
15 Burial patterns (omitted from the online edition)
16 Traits marking the Pueblo II-Pubelo III transition
17 Tree-ring data

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