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Power Source of Paterson

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Founding Father Alexander Hamilton envisioned that the country's first planned industrial city would be based near the region's iconic Great Falls of the Passaic River.  Hamilton’s vision was realized when the raceway system of tiered water channels were constructed.  Water from the Passaic River was diverted just above the Great Falls into these channels and provided power to nearby factories.  The industrial center attracted entrepreneurs, laborers and immigrants with diverse talents. 


Alexander Hamilton Statue Gets a Facelift

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In September, 2012 the statue of Alexander Hamilton that overlooks the Great Falls received a much needed makeover. National Park Service preservationists from Gettysburg National Military Park (Monument Preservation Branch), bathed, waxed and buffed the statue to a shine befitting Paterson's Founding Father. This video captures the transformation. (Broadband HD will give you the best quality.)

Lin Manuel Miranda video
Lin-Manuel Miranda performs at the White House.

The hip-hop song used in the video was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and is called "The Hamilton Mixtape," as performed at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word on May 12, 2009; accompanied by Alex Lacamoire (Public Domain)


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