US Mexican War Search Detail


Adams, Francis Nicholas

Type: Soldier
Side: US
Enlistment Type: Enlisted
Rank: Unknown
Age: 22
Eyes: hazel
Hair: dark brown
Complexion: fair
Height: 5' 06''
Occupation: Carpenter
Country, Province, or Kingdom of Birth: Unknown
State of Birth: Unknown
City of Birth: Cork
Year of Enlistment: 1844
Date of Enlistment: 1844-12-23
State of Enlistment: Unknown
City of Enlistment: Boston
Enlisted by Whom: Lt. Sherman
Term of Enlistment: 5
Regiment: 3rd Infantry
Company: 3rd Inf E
Arm of Service: Infantry
Date of Muster: Unknown
Date of Discharge: Unknown
General Remarks: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Deserted: 1845-11-15
Apprehended: Unknown

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