Pop goes the weasel!

May 20, 2017 Posted by: Chantal Collis
Arriving from lunch a long-tailed weasel scurried passed my car. I followed it as it ran across the parking lot and into the thorn brush where it began to very agilely climb a mesquite tree. This carnivorous mammal is distributed all over Texas. Although, it is tiny, the long-tailed weasel is not aware of it's small size and will go after prey much larger than itself. Some of its diet consists of rats, birds, and reptiles. Sighting this animal is not as common because they are nocturnal, during the day they sleep in burrows in the ground, and come out to hunt at night. I was lucky this little guy popped out to make an appearance today.

long tailed weasel makes an appearance at visitors center

In case you would like a better look at one of these critters I provided a link to a United States Fish & Wildlife Service article.

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