Horsepower Limits*
Current and Jacks Fork Rivers

Personal watercraft (skidoos, jetskis, etc,) are prohibited in the park, as well as, all other inboard powered vessels.

AREA Limit
Two Rivers upstream to Round Spring (Lower Access) 40 HP
Above Round Spring Lower Access (Except above Akers from May 1 - September 15 10 HP Maximum) 25 HP
Two Rivers upstream to Alley Spring Campground Access

40 HP

Above Alley Spring Campground Access(Except above Bay Creek from March 1 to Saturday before Memorial Day - 10 HP)

25 HP
Two Rivers downstream to Big Spring John boat landing

40 HP

Big Spring Johnboat Landing downstream to park boundary No limit

Notes: These regulations went into effect October 1, 1993

*Horsepower measurements are the industry standard as measured at the propeller shaft.
Vessels are limited to an outboard motor only. Personal watercraft (skidoos, jetskis, etc,) are prohibited in the park.

These limitations do not apply from two miles above to two miles below the cities of Van Buren and Eminence, or outside the boundaries of Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Last updated: January 3, 2018

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