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Camping tent set up on park grounds
Family camping is a great way to build memories of "quality time".

For camping reservations call 877-444-6777 or visit

Camping is allowed in designated camping areas only. Floaters can opportunistically camp on any gravel bar as long as they are not within 1/2 mile of a designated campground. Camping within 50ft of a river access, landing or mouth of a cave is prohibited. Drive in or hike in campers must camp at designated camping areas within the park.

Camping can be a fun and rewarding experience for all, given a few simple steps are followed. Always keep food and garbage locked away in containers, in a vehicle or by hanging it high. We have many small critters that will certainly visit your camp and help themselves to food they should not be eating. Do not store open food in your tent, we have bears in the area, they haven't been a problem yet and we need your help to keep it that way. Be mindful of quiet hours 10 pm - 6 am and respect your neighboring camps. Please do not bring your own firewood,instead buy or gather it on site to help decrease the spread of forests pests. If camping as part of a float trip on a gravel bar, or even in a developed campground, be mindful of fast rising streams. Lastly, this is a family friendly place. If you insist on being loud, obnoxious or using profanity, you can expect to be asked to leave.

Camping Regulations

Hammocks are prohibited from developed campgrounds and cannot be tied to trees. Self-standing hammocks are allowed.

Family Sites (6 people max + 2 tents+ 2 cars or 1 tent & 1 camper)
Cluster Sites (7-25 people + 6 tents + 4 cars)
Group Sites (7-45 people + unlimited tents- No RV's)
Electric Sites (RV/Camper + 1 car + 1 tent + 6 people max)

Check in time: 1:00 pm
Check out time: 12:00 pm

Quiet Hours are from 10:00 pm-6:00 am and are enforced. Please respect your camping neighbors.

Keep a clean camp: small critters like skunks, crows and raccoons will certainly visit you, looking for a handout. Be prepared to keep your food and garbage either in a vehicle or hanging up high. Otherwise you may wake up to a mess and no breakfast! If you keep a cleaner camp than your neighbors, maybe the little guys will bother them instead!

Camping is limited to 14 consecutive days.

Please do not bring firewood! Moving firewood around the country helps spread forest pests like the Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth. You can gather dead and down wood around the park or buy local firewood close to the campgrounds. Burn it where you buy it! Don't take excess firewood home with you either.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways campgrounds are family friendly. If you insist on being loud or not following campground regulations, you can expect to be asked to leave.



All reservations for family sites, cluster sites, group sites, electric sites and pavilions can be made online through or by calling 877-444-6777. We do not make reservations over the phone by calling any other number than the one listed above.

A $3 fee is charged for making reservations per

Reservations can be made well in advance of your camping excursion, however, all reservations must be made 7 days in advance.

Front Country Campgrounds:

(Amenities may include showers, dump stations, electric hook-ups, water hook-ups, campground hosts and reservation system).

Akers: 4 group sites, no electric or water hook-ups, (reservable).

Alley Spring (porta johns in some loops): 146 family sites (some reservable), 26 electric sites with 20/30/50 amp service + water hook-ups (reservable), 3 group sites (reservable), 14 cluster sites (reservable), campground hosts, showers, dump station, restrooms, fire grills, picnic tables, lantern posts, trash dumpsters and concessinaire store. More on Alley Spring Campground, including a map to help with reservations.

Big Spring: 100 family sites (some reservable), 28 electric sites with 20/30/50 amps service + water hook-ups (reservable), 3 group sites (reservable). Showers, dump station, campground hosts, amphitheater, restrooms, fire grills, picnic tables, lantern posts, trash dumpsters. More on Big Spring Campground, including a map to help with reservations.

Pulltite: 55 family sites ( some reservable). No electric or water hook-ups, water spigots, 3 group sites (reservable). Showers, campground hosts, no dump station, concessionaire store, restrooms, seasonal Ranger Station and amphitheather.

Round Spring: 46 family sites (some reservable), 6 electric sites with 20/30/50 amp service + water hook-ups (reservable), 6 group sites (reservable). Showers, dump station, restrooms, amphitheater, trash dumpsters, fire rings, lantern posts, Ranger Station, concessionaire store, campground hosts. More on Round Spring Campground, including a map to help with reservations.

Two Rivers: 22 family sites (non-reservable), 2 cluster sites (reservable), 3 primitive sites. Shower house, restrooms, no electric or water hook-ups.

Powder Mill: 10 family sites, no electricity, no reservations, restroom available, trash dumpster, fire rings and lantern posts.

Back Country Campgrounds:

(Some basic amenities. May include restrooms, tables, fire grills and lantern posts No reservations.)

Upper Current:
Cedar Grove/D. Murray
Sinking Creek

Jacks Fork:
Bay Creek: non-reservable, restroom, lantern posts, fire ring.
Blue Spring: restroom, lantern posts, fire ring.
Shawnee Creek: lantern posts, fire ring, restroom.

Middle Current:
Two Rivers: access to above stated front country amenitites.
Log Yard: restroom, fire ring, lantern posts.

Lower Current:
Pin Oak (Currently CLOSED)
Big Tree
Cedar Spring

Primitive Sites:

(No basic amenities provided, No Reservations)
Upper Current:
Parker Ford
Big Creek
Welch (No Camping at Spring or Hospital, campsite is located across the river and upstream from the Spring.)
Akers West
Banks Ford
Lipp's Hole
Pot Hole
Sutton Creek

Middle Current:
Martin's Landing
Martin Bluff
Goose Bay
Roberts Field
Ant Hole

Lower Current:
Lost Man Ridge
Panther Spring

Jacks Fork:
Bluff View
Baptizing Hole
Old Trail Ride


Off Season Information:

All campgrounds are open year round, however, some may close due to associated problems facing the campground due to weather or prior damage. Prices reduced from October 16 - April 15 yearly, with non-electric sites at $12.00 and electric sites at $15.00. Each developed campground will have one restroom available during the colder months, pending extreme conditions or damage. Backcountry sites will be fee free during this period, but will not have a restroom facility available. Enjoy!

Campground Fees (unless otherwise noted):

Front Country Sites:
-Non-Electric Family Site: $16.00 per night
-Electric Site: $19.00 per night
-Cluster Site: $35.00 per night
-Group Site: $100.00 per night, (except Akers Groups Sites $50 per night).

Back Country Sites (stays are limited to 14 consecutive days):

Last updated: August 8, 2020

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