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A conceptual color pencil drawing of a historic stone and wooden building with people on the deck
A conceptual color pencil drawing of a historic stone and wooden building with people on the deck

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April 2024

With all the recent activity and planning for the eclipse, it’s been a while since we posted an update. But, the Big Spring Lodge & Cabins renovation has not been idle, and we have lots to report on! We'll start on the outside and work inward.

First, those retaining walls we keep going on and on about! The one at the lodge is nearing completion, with stone cladding now covering nearly all the concrete. Restoration work is also beginning on the fountain.

While we’re on the subject of landscaping: grass, shrubs, and trees are being planted around the cabins, restoring much-needed greenery. Flowering dogwoods and eastern redbuds will add a splash of springtime color!

The old boat dock has been demolished, and foundation pilings have been poured for a new one. The stairway between the lodge and boat dock has had a concrete core poured, and it's already getting stone cladding. The patio area - that many will remember as the front entrance to the lodge - is also getting some new stonework.

Finally, moving inside: finishing work is underway in the cabins, with some nearing completion. Interior work in the lodge has also begun in earnest, but no peeking just yet - we're waiting for that to get further along before we show what's happening!

There's still a lot to go, but completion of the restoration is on the horizon! As always, stay tuned for further updates.


May 2024

Lots more happening with the Big Spring Lodge and Cabins this month. Most of it is "more of the same," interior finishing work on the cabins, but we do have some exciting new tidbits to show off.

First is a look at the outside of the lodge, where the overgrown brush has been removed to restore the historic view of the spring branch and river.

Next, the cabin path system that connects the cabins to the lodge is getting a nice face-lift, and so is the walkway from the parking lot to the lodge, which is getting a new layer of stone cladding to match the steps and patio.

The boat dock is coming along, with work on the foundation completed and construction underway on the wooden walkways and boat landing area.

And finally, the icing on the cake: a glimpse at the interior work on the lodge! The original hardwood floors in the entry and main dining area have been put back into place, sanded, and refinished! A matching hardwood floor has also been installed and finished in the porch area, replacing the old, carpeted floor.


June 2024

We'd like to help you celebrate Independence Day this year with the latest update on the Big Spring Lodge & Cabins! With work now focused mainly on the lodge and surrounding area, we're excited for the latest developments!

First up this month, we have a great view of the iconic face of the lodge, looking good as the day it was built with new landscaping going in on the hillside.

Moving inside, new light fixtures are being installed to improve the ambiance and emphasize the historic woodwork and stonework.

Back over at the cabins, we can see the landscaping beginning to settle and grow in around the new walkways.

And finally, the wooden portions of the jonboat dock are complete, with just the access ramp to go!


Last updated: July 7, 2024

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