Rymers Ranch History

by Becki Bulls and Bill O'Donnell

It was 1912 and the Twentieth Century was still young when a group of outdoorsmen gathered together and made a commitment to the future of Shannon County. They founded the Shannon County Hunting and Fishing Club, an exclusive group dedicated to enjoying the many outdoor pursuits the Jacks Fork offered and to its preservation for the future. They built ten cabins upstream from Rymers for the use of their members. They used their influence to promote the idea of a state park that would protect the Jacks Fork River. While Alley Spring State Park was established in 1925, it fell far short of protecting and preserving the entire Jacks Fork. It wasn't until 1964 that their dream was finally realized with the establishment of Ozark National Scenic Riverways. The Riverways encompassed not only the Jacks Fork, but also the Current River.

Although the cabins have since fallen down and been removed for safety reasons, anyone can now visit the once exclusive spot and see why they chose it for their riverside hideaway. The Hunting and Fishing Club was located right along the Jacks Fork River, for easy access to the area's renowned fishing and hunting. Nearby is a fascinating natural feature called Ebb and Flow Spring.

As you enjoy this beautiful spot, give some thankful thought to the Shannon County Hunting and Fishing Club who started the process way back in 1912 that would eventually lead to the establishment of Ozark National Scenic Riverways and the protection of these lovely Ozark Rivers for everyone to enjoy.


"There is no rushing a river. When you go there, you go at the pace of the water and that pace ties you into a flow that is older than life on this planet. Acceptance of that pace, even for a day, changes us, reminds us of other rhythms beyond the sound of our own heartbeats." - (Jeff Rennicke, River Days: Travels on Western Rivers, A Collection of Essays)

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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