Published Research and Other Materials on Organ Pipe

Published Articles

Mutualistic Interactions Between Upiga Virescens (Pyralidae), A Pollinating Seed-Consumer, And Lophocerus Schottii (Cactaceae)

Sonoran Desert Columnar Cacti And The Evolution Of Generalized Pollination Systems

Co-Pollinators And Specialization In The Pollinating Seed-Consumer Mulualism Between Senita Cacti And Senita Moths

Population Dynamica And Mutualism: Functional Presopnses Of Benifits And Costs

Life Cycle And Growth Of Senita Moths (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae): A Lepidopteran With Less Than Four Intars?

Oviposition Choice And Larval Survival Of An Obligately Pollinating Granivorous Moth

Testing Hypotheses For Excess Flower Production And Low Fruit-To-Flower Ratios In A Pollinating Seed-Consuming Mutualism

Interspecific Population Regulation And The Stavility Of Mutualism: Fruit Abotion And Density-Dependent Mortality Of Pollinating Seed-Eating Insects

Ecological And Evolutionary Mechanisms For Low Seed:Ovule Ratios: Need For A Pluralistic Approach?

Convergent Setal Morphology In Sand-Covering Spiders Suggests A Design Principle For Particle Capture

Stable Isotopes Reveal That Saguaro Fruit Provides Different Resources To Two Desert Dove Species

Saguaro Feeding By Desert Birds: An Aba-Supported Projest

Use Of Saguaro Fruit By White-Winged Doves: Isoropic Evidence Of A Tight Ecological Association

Seismic Recording Station TA_214A Summary Report

Determining Foraging and Roosting Areas for Underwood's Mastiff Bat (Eumops underwoodi) Using Radiotelementry, At Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona

Microsatellite DNA Analysis of Success In Conserving Genitic Diversity After 33 Years of Refuge Management For the Desert Pupfish Complex

Population And Community Dynamics of Lizards And Rodents In Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 1989-2006 And Implications For Future Monitoring

Taxonomic Status of The Sonoyta Mud Turtle (Kinosternon sonoriense longifemorale Inverson) Based On Mitochondrial D-Loop Sequence, with a Discussion Of Phylogeography

Changes Over 20 Years In Populations of The Mexican Leafcutting Ant, Atta mexicana, at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona

An Introduction To The Herpetofauna of Mainland Sonora Mexico, With Comments On Canservation And Management

Organ Pipe Cactus NM Reports

Final Report On Desert Pupfish 12/12/07

Effects of the International Boundry Pedestrain Fence in the Vicinity of Lukeville, Arizona, on Drainage Systems and Infrastructure, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona 08/08

Emergency Actions to Stabilize Quitobaquito Pond and Related Activities 07/08

Annual Threatened And Endangered Species Report 2007

Other Materials & Documents

Victoria Mine - Cultural Landscapes Inventory 2000 - Revised 2002

Ouitobaquito - Cultural Landscapes Inventory 1998 - Revised 2002

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