Glacier National Park Issues Independent Site Visit in Anticipation of a Prospectus Release

Date: August 9, 2018

The National Park Service (NPS) anticipates issuing a prospectus for one contract to provide interpretive boat tours and watercraft rentals within Glacier National Park. The NPS expects to release the prospectus in the late fall of 2018 after these services and associated facilities close for the season; therefore, the NPS will not conduct an official site visit of the concession facilities.

Interested parties may choose to independently tour the associated facilities on their own prior to concession operations closing for the season beginning on September 3, 2018. See the list of concession operation and road access closure dates at the end of this notice.

Facilities associated with the new contract include the following. Maps are available in the Federal Business Opportunities that show these locations:

  • Apgar Village – Dock, small rental office, and fuel storage shed

  • Lake McDonald – Dock, ticket office

  • Fish Creek Campground on Lake McDonald – Boathouse

  • St. Mary Lake at Rising Sun – Two docks (near the ticket office and near Baring Falls), ticket office, fuel storage shed

  • St. Mary Hudson Bay District NPS area – Boathouse

  • Two Medicine – Two docks near ticket office structure, dock at the head of the lake, ticket office (personal property), and boathouse

  • Many Glacier – Near the Many Glacier Hotel, ticket office and dock. A second dock is located up lake adjacent to the trail to Lake Josephine. On Lake Josephine, two docks (one dock at the foot and one at the head of the lake) and a boathouse.

Interested parties who independently tour the concession operation will not have access to employee housing or back-of-the-house areas used for administration and storage.

When the prospectus is released, it will detail the open period for written questions. The Service will respond to all questions received during the open period in writing to ensure all interested parties receive the same information.

2018 Concession operation closure dates are as follows:

  • September 3 – Apgar Village and St. Mary Lake at Rising Sun;

  • September 9 – Two Medicine;

  • September 16 – Many Glacier;

  • September 23 – Lake McDonald Lodge.

Park road access is available as follows:

  • Eastern portion of the Going-to-the-Sun Road – Will remain open as conditions permit, but no later than December 31

  • Two Medicine Road – As conditions permit, but typically closed the third weekend in November

  • Many Glacier Road – As conditions permit, but typically closed the third weekend in November

  • Apgar Village and Lake McDonald Lodge – Access is available throughout the winter, with the exception of a road construction closure from October 15-19, 2018, which will prevent access to Lake McDonald Lodge. Although access to Apgar Village and Lake McDonald Lodge is available in the winter and spring, facilities and docks may be covered in snow and difficult to access.

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Information regarding the release of the prospectus will be posted in the Federal Business Opportunities.

Last updated: August 9, 2018