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Building a workforce that is literate about climate change effects and response options is fundamental to ensure that managers can address climate change as part of routine operations. The Climate Change Response Program has made it a priority to create the climate change content and tools NPS staff need to include this topic into daily work routines. The climate change training products developed to date have been the result of effective partnerships with the NPS training managers and career fields through the Learning and Development program. They have also been the result of collaborations with field staff who are leaders on this topic.

View the Workforce Climate Literacy: Needs Assessment and Strategy [PDF] to learn more about internal climate change training. Information about other opportunities is provided below.

Interpretation and Education

The Interpreting Climate Change virtual course is aimed at park interpreters and provides an overview of the practical knowledge and skills that will enable interpreters to develop effective, engaging climate change programming for both natural and cultural sites. Participants consider a range of engagement techniques such as facilitated dialogue, skills for dealing with controversy, and presenting multiple perspectives. These and other techniques are applied to an overview of climate science and audience research. Participants engage in group discussions to share best practices, build confidence and identify meaningful site connections. Although the focus of this course is on personal services interpretation, many of the best practices are also applicable to media development.

Email us to find out when the next course will be offered. You can also work through the self-study modules at your own pace.
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Earth to Sky

Earth to Sky is a federal partnership NASA and the NPS that supports scientific literacy, especially amongst climate change messages. Regional and national in-person trainings are offered on a regular basis; view the Earth to Sky website to learn more.
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Training Videos

A number of videos are available online and include series on place-based climate literacy, management actions, intern spotlights, sea level rise demonstrations, and more. Videos are available on YouTube and for download on the climate change subject site.

Last updated: June 4, 2020