In 1872, Yellowstone National Park was established and became America's first national park. The creation of national parks has been described as "America's best idea," and the concept has spread world-wide. Many countries now look to the United States as a leader in park and protected area management and often seek advice or collaboration with the National Park Service on issues of shared concern or interest.

Over 50 years ago, the National Park Service created its Office of International Affairs which has worked to facilitate cooperation between the U.S. National Park Service and counterpart agencies around the globe.

Our web site provides information on the mission and work of the National Park Service's Office of International Affairs and is a source of information for the public and National Park Service (NPS) staff who are interested in our international activities. We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about the unique and interesting programs the NPS is involved with throughout the world.  

The superintendent of Lake Roosevelt NRA and staff from Spioenkop Nature Reserve stand together.

A new Sister Park is born

Staff from Spioenkop Nature Reserve, South Africa, stand with Superintendent Dan Foster, Lake Roosevelt NRA, after becoming sister parks.

A small plastic rhino stands on a plaque celebrating the new sister park arrangement.

A Rhino Plaque celebrates new Sisters

A gift of a small rhino plaque given to Lake Roosevelt NRA celebrating the new sister park arrangement.

Two representatives from KwaZulu Natal Parks on a boat at Lake Roosevelt

Spioenkop rangers explore Lake Roosevelt

Two representatives from KwaZulu Natal Parks on a Lake Roosevelt ranger boat explore the resource.

Last updated: November 14, 2017

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