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We've moved to a new location!

We've moved back to the Main Interior Building. Our contact information is:

National Park Service
Office of International Affairs
1849 C Street, NW
Room 2415
Washington, DC 20240

If you visit the Main Interior Building in Washington, DC, stop by and see us in our new location.

By Phone
(202) 354-1800

By Fax
To be determined

By Person

Stephen Morris
Chief of the Office of International Affairs, World Heritage Program Coordinator
(202) 354-1803

April Brooks
Foreign Travel Clearances, Administrative Support, Financial Planning
(202) 354-1808

Jonathan Putnam
Western Hemisphere, World Heritage: Natural Properties
(202) 354-1809

Linda Bennett
International Volunteers in Parks Coordinator, European Programs
(202) 354-1806

Rudy D'Alessandro
Arctic, Asia, Pacific, Foreign Travel Certifications
(202) 354-1805

David Krewson
African and the Middle East Program Support, Web Development,
Junior Ranger Coordinator
(202) 354-1807

Leigh Welling, PhD
Senior Advisor for International Climate Change Programs
(970) 225-3515

Japanese interpretive rangers at a national park site in Hawaii.
Japanese students and NPS park rangers with an OIA staff member (blue shirt at far right) at the 2014 US/Japan Interpretive Training Seminar in Hawaii.

NPS Image.

Last updated: November 14, 2019

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