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NPS can assist you in understanding your river.
NPS can assist you in understanding your river.

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The NPS Wild and Scenic River (WSR) Program works to reduce the risks of WSR resource degradation and adverse litigation outcomes. Our efforts improve awareness of WSR study and management responsibilities throughout the NPS, helping to ensure the agency will continue to protect and enhance the rivers placed under its care. The following highlights the Program's work:

Resource Management Technical Assistance/Consultation is project specific advice that can help ensure that WSR requirements are met in a transparent and consistent manner, resource values are protected and enhanced, and litigation risk is reduced.

Training covers a wide spectrum from workshops and webinars, fact sheets/guidance, and materials to support development of outreach like a Junior River Ranger Program. Training is often accomplished through multi-agency efforts via the Interagency Wild and Scenic Rivers Coordinating Council (IWSRCC).

Policy Guidance and Legislative Reviews includes participation in administration initiatives, IWSRCC, and NPS activities to create policy and materials that support consistent management for the National WSR System and provide the basis for training and technical assistance.

Planning Products help guide WSR-related resource management. The WSR Act has specific planning requirements. The Program can work with river managers to develop planning products and more clearly describe river values, making it easier to ensure these values are protected and enhanced, and to evaluate whether proposed federal water resources projects should proceed.

Outreach and Communications includes both the development of communication tools and improving communications within NPS and with national and river specific stakeholders and partners (e.g., Federal agencies that assist with water resource projects on WSRs; state river administrators; and state, local, non-profit, and landowner stakeholders).

Program Development and Financial Support includes activities to create a community of practice to protect and share resources and expertise for WSR management. The Program works to ensure eligibility and special consideration for WSRs for NPS/DOI and external funding sources.

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Last updated: August 28, 2018