Alaska National Parks Compendiums Open for Public Comment

Date: January 15, 2016
Contact: John Quinley, 907-644-3512

National Park Service compendiums for Alaska are open for a 30-day public comment period. A compendium - one for each NPS area in Alaska - is a compilation of all designations, closures and restrictions adopted under the discretionary authority within the regulations covering national parks. This regulatory tool helps manage Alaska's national park areas for the public's enjoyment, use and protection.

A handful of changes are proposed for this year. They include, but are not limited to:

  • From July 1 through August 31, Katmai National Park and Preserve is proposing a camping prohibition in an area on the east end of the park, from the confluence of Moraine Creek and Funnel Creek, 1/2 mile up and down stream on Moraine Creek and 1/2 mile up Funnel Creek. This closure would extend from the bank for 100 yards on either side of Moraine and Funnel Creeks. The area is one of the prime bear feeding, bear viewing, and sport fishing areas within the Katmai Preserve. Camping in this area leads to direct conflict with the bear distance regulations as well as with other users.
  • Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is proposing a camping and campfire closure around the Proenneke cabin at Twin Lakes, a site on the National Register of Historic Places. Camping will still be available nearby, at Hope Creek.
  • Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve is proposing to place the Nugget Creek Public Use Cabin back on a reservation system. The current first-come, first-served management of cabin use has resulted in user conflicts.

The comment period for the proposed compendiums is February 15, 2016. The proposals and instructions on how to comment are on-line now.

A written copy may be requested directly from a park or the National Park Service, 240 W. 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501, Attn: Compendium.

Last updated: May 8, 2017