Contracting Services

Construction workers and equipment working at the top of dam at Glines Canyon in Olympic National Park.
Removal of the Glines Canyon Dam at Olympic National Park.

NPS Photo

The Denver Service Center (DSC) Contracting Services Division provides the full range of acquisition services to all DSC business lines as well as various external customers both inside and outside the National Park Service (NPS). The division supports the DSC mission by providing professional contracting services for design and construction, transportation, planning, and professional services.

We are the largest and highest volume contracting office in the NPS. In fiscal year 2018, we awarded $324 million in construction and services from all funding sources, including new award and contract modifications. Of the $324 million, the Denver Service Center awarded $122 million to small business and socioeconomic programs.

Our office exemplifies dedication, success and on-the-ground progress toward the NPS mission of resource preservation and improved visitor experience.

Our Mission
The primary mission of the DSC Contracting Services division is to provide business expertise through exemplary service and effective/efficient use of technology. We strive to be an organization of highly‑trained procurement professionals and active acquisition team members dedicated to delivering value‑added, proactive, innovative procurement services that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Last updated: May 21, 2019