Ecological Society of America’s Journal Ecosphere Celebrates National Park Service Centennial

Date: December 8, 2016
Contact: Kristy Burnett, 970-267-7205

WASHINGTON – Ecosphere, a premier journal of peer-reviewed papers on the science of ecology, includes a special feature on the National Park Service’s Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring efforts, "Science for our National Parks’ Second Century" in its current issue.

"That Ecosphere would highlight the National Park Service by dedicating so many articles in this special feature to inventory and monitoring and the scientific study we accomplish in national parks is an important message," said National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis. “The National Park Service takes seriously our responsibility to understand the resources in our care, in order to preserve and protect them for people to enjoy today and in generations to come. Inventory and monitoring activities, and the scientific study based on long-term datasets, produce the best available science to inform how we manage these iconic landscapes."

From strategic bat conservation to research-based coral reef management to spring arriving earlier across the National Park System, there are currently 19 journal articles in the journal. The papers develop several themes, including the role of protected areas in understanding rapid global change and the growing interest in place-based ecological insights.

"This special feature of Ecosphere celebrates the National Park Service Centennial by highlighting contributions from the agency’s Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring Division," said Ecosphere Editor in Chief, Dr. Debra Peters. "This collection of papers illustrates and showcases the breadth and depth of research being conducted in the National Park System, and provides park managers with high-quality scientific information for use in decision-making. We certainly think the centennial is worth celebrating, and are pleased to be part of this very special occasion."

Together, these articles are the work of 113 authors representing 14 agencies, non-governmental organizations and universities. They describe the variety of challenges in natural resource conservation as well as the pivotal role that science and research play in influencing management decisions.

While concern for and care of natural resources came with the establishment of the National Park Service in 1916, the bureau set about the present Inventory and Monitoring Division with the 1999 Natural Resource Challenge, designed in large part to address concerns for investments in research and monitoring from within the National Park Service and the National Parks Science Subcommittee in 2009.

Ray Sauvajot, the National Park Service’s associate director for Natural Resource Stewardship and Science said, "These journal articles help us illustrate progress on the long-sought integration of science into the resource management strategies implemented within 'America’s Best Idea' – now more important than ever given the many challenges facing our nation’s parks."

Visit the special feature on Ecosphere. 

Last updated: August 28, 2017