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Eric Bezemek is an archeological technician with the Archeological Investigations and Compliance division. After a brief 11 year stint in the U.S. Navy, he earned his B.A. at the University of West Florida where he participated in the combined maritime and terrestrial field school. Aside from conducting fieldwork, his duties include processing and analyzing artifacts in the lab, database maintenance, and writing reports. Eric’s interests include colonial period archeology and maritime archeology.
Jill Halchin Jill joined the NPS as an archeologist in 1989 while completing an MA in Historic Archaeology. She had previously earned an MA in Applied Archaeology. She worked in the Mid-Atlantic and National Capital regions before moving to SEAC, where she conducted numerous investigations throughout the Southeast Region. Since 2009, she has been the center’s geographic information system (GIS) coordinator, overseeing creation and analysis of data about the region’s cultural resources.
Meredith Hardy (B.A. Indiana University, M.S. University of New Orleans, Ph.D. Florida State University) is the program manager for SEAC's Archeological Investigation, Compliance, and Evaluation division. For over 20 years she has led field projects across the southeastern United States and the Virgin Islands. Dr. Hardy provides support for Section 106 and Section 110 implementation, and for historic property protection and Section 106 compliance during emergency response actions, including spill response. She also assists National Parks with interpretation and outreach needs. Her research interests include island/coastal archeology, Caribbean prehistory, maritime heritage, archeology of enslavement, colonial/plantation archeology, and foodways, and is a research partner with the Smithsonian Institution's Slave Wrecks Project.
Robert Hellmann received a BSc. in Anthropology from Florida State in 1994 and completed an MA in Anthropolog at FSU in 2001. In June 2000 he began working at SEAC in the Regional Archeological Survey Program.
Hank Kratt (B.A. –Anthropology, Florida State University, M.A. –Anthropology/Archaeology, Florida State University) is a Supervisory Museum Specialist who oversees the backlog cataloging program and annual submission of museum catalog records at SEAC. He also assists park staff and contractors using the Department of Interior’s Interior Collections Management System (ICMS) software. Since starting with SEAC in 2000, Hank has worked with collections from throughout the Southeast region, ranging in age from Paleoindian to present-day.
Andrew McFeaters is a member of the National Historic Landmarks and External Contracts Division of the Southeast Archeological Center. He conducts field, laboratory, and literature research for external agency partners.
Alexandra Parsons is the Registrar and Collections Manager at SEAC. Alex earned a Ph.D. and M.S. in Anthropology from Florida State University. Her areas of interest include coastal archeology, seasonality studies, bone tools, zooarchaeology, archeological interpretation for public audiences, and archeological data management.
Mike Russo is the program lead of the National Historic Landmarks and External Contracts Division of the Southeast Archeological Center. He reviews, provides guidance and authors NHH nominations and manages contracts for archeology for non-NPS partners.
Margo Schwadron (B.A. SUNY Purchase, M.A. Florida State University, Ph.D. University of Leicester) - Regional NAGPRA Coordinator/Division Chief NAGPRA and Applied Science. Her research takes a landscape approach to archeology, integrating paleo-environmental and paleo-climate research, and applying science to document and protect vulnerable sites from climate change impacts. Recent work includes National Geographic funded investigations of prehistoric shell works islands and numerous publications on shell middens, mounds and tree islands in Florida.
Jeffrey Shanks is an archaeologist with the National Park Service and has worked at Southeast Archeological Center in Tallahassee, Florida for the past six years. He received his MA in Classical Archaeology from Florida State University and has worked on archaeological projects in Europe, Asia, and North America. Over the last decade he has conducted fieldwork at a number of historic and prehistoric sites in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean. In recent years his primary research has focused on Woodland period sites in northwest Florida.
Rusty Simmons (B.S. Middle Tennessee State University) is an Archeological Technician with the Archeological Investigation and Compliance division. His duties and interests include fieldwork, zooarchaeological analyses, emergency management, and all things technological. Rusty is also part of the geophysical survey team (whose capabilities include GPR, Resistivity, Magnetometer, and Conductivity), specializing in the EM-38 Conductivity Meter.
Charlie Sproul
Thadra Stanton graduated from Florida State University’s Department of Anthropology with BA in Anthropology in 1997 and an MA in Anthropology in 2011. She has conducted archaeological excavations underwater as well as on land. Her primary research interest is prehistoric lithics and underwater archaeology. Thadra has worked for the Florida Division of Historical Resources and the Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation.
Cat Tomlinson
Brian Worthington

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