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Water Resources Division
Natural Resource Stewardship and Science
1201 Oakridge Drive, Suite 250
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: 970-225-3500
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Office of the Division Chief

Division Chief & Supervisory Hydrologist
Ed Harvey, PG
Expertise: Groundwater dependent ecosystems, groundwater-surface water interaction, water chemistry, isotope hydrology, regional groundwater flow systems.
email Ed Harvey

Special Assistant for Emerging Issues
Pat Mangan
Expertise: Environmental Impact Assessment of hydropower, irrigation, water supply, flood control; maritime hydrocarbon and minerals extraction; military and civil works planning; water policy for developing countries
email Pat Mangan

Jeff Albright
Expertise: Water resource management, multi-disciplinary resource condition assessment and reporting, strategic planning
email Jeff Albright

Aquatic Systems Branch

Branch Chief
Alan Ellsworth
Expertise: Watershed science, atmospheric deposition effects, snow hydrology, wetland processes
email Alan Ellsworth

Fish and Aquatic Invasive Species Program Lead
John Wullschleger
Expertise: Fish population and community monitoring, aquatic invertebrate community monitoring, aquatic invasive species prevention and management, fishery management, ecology of altered/regulated aquatic systems, fish and aquatic system restoration
email John Wullschleger

Fisheries Biologist
Nic Medley
Expertise: Aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology, environmental monitoring, hydrology, geomorphology, river restoration, regulated rivers, water management, instream flows
email Nic Medley

Mike Martin
Expertise: Floodplain analyses, open channel flow, hydraulics, wetland restoration
email Mike Martin

Gary Smillie
Expertise: Surface water hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, flood hazard analysis, erosion and sedimentation, statistical analysis
email Gary Smillie

Wetlands Program Lead and Hydrologist
Joel Wagner
Expertise: Wetland and riparian hydrology, restoration, delineation, condition assessment, management, policy, regulatory compliance
email Joel Wagner

Wetlands Scientist
Kevin Noon
Expertise: Wetland regulation and policy compliance, impact evaluation, delineation; wetland restoration and management; wetland mitigation banking; hydrology and ecology of wetland and riparian ecosystems; long-term wetland management
email Kevin Noon

CSU Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Derek Schook
Expertise: Wetland and riparian ecology, hydrology, and restoration; fluvial geomorphology; dendroclimatology and dendroecology; ecohydrology
email Derek Schook

Contaminants Specialist
Kerensa King
Expertise: Ecotoxicology, water quality, pesticide toxicology, storm water runoff, aquatic ecology, heavy metal contamination, acid mine drainage, fish and wildlife biology, Pacific salmon ecology
email Kerensa King

Steve Rice, PG
Expertise: Water quality, geochemistry, aquifer characterization and testing, karst hydrology, springs, groundwater recharge and sustainability, energy and mining impacts
email Steve Rice

Natural Resource Specialist
Dean Tucker
Expertise: Data management and reporting, hydrographic analysis, computer graphics, water resources applications in GIS, and environmental economics
email Dean Tucker

CSU Research Associate
Paula Galloway
Expertise: Database and software development, user interface design, scientific programming, VBA, SQL, Microsoft Access/Excel/Word, and chemistry
email Paula Galloway

CSU Research Associate
Caroline Goughis
Expertise: Water chemistry and ecology
email Caroline Goughis

CSU Research Associate
Cathy Norris
Expertise: Data management, GIS analyses, and water resources
email Cathy Norris

Ocean and Coastal Resources Branch

Branch Chief
Eva DiDonato
Expertise: Water quality, marine pollution, monitoring (water quality, coral reef fish, submerged aquatic vegetation), coastal watershed assessment, marine resource management, estuarine/marine ecology, coral reefs, coral disease, eutrophication, interagency partnerships, research facilitation, scientific diving
email Eva DiDonato

Marine Ecologist
Jamie Kilgo
Expertise: Seascape ecology, GIS and spatial analysis; coral reef, seagrass, kelp and forage fish ecology; monitoring and research coordination, marine protected area management and citizen science.
email Jamie Kilgo

Marine Ecologist
Monique LaFrance Bartley
Expertise: Seafloor mapping, benthic habitat mapping, benthic ecology, offshore wind energy development in relation to the benthos (biological communities, sediment characteristics, organic enrichment), spatial ecology and analyses, shoreline and sediment processes, acoustic and LiDAR data (acquisition, processing, interpretation), GIS, research project management (design, coordination, implementation, data analysis and interpretation), applied research to guide resource managers and regulators, stakeholder-based projects, science outreach and communication.
email Monique LaFrance Bartley

Marine Ecologist
Christine Lipsky
Expertise: Marine fisheries science and management, recreational fishing, aquatic invasive species, at-risk species, estuarine/marine ecology, marine debris, aquaculture.
email Christine Lipsky

Regional Ocean Coordinators are WRD-supported technical staff who are located in region or park offices, supervised locally, and specifically focus on Ocean and Coastal resources and issues. These specialists provide technical and policy support on local issues for WRD, the regions, and their respective parks. They are a vital extension of the services provided by the NPS Water Resources Division.

Ocean and Coastal Resources Program Coordinator
Irina Irvine
Pacific West Region

Expertise: Restoration ecology, plant ecology, invasive species (terrestrial & aquatic), nutrient pollution and effects on coastal resources, marine debris, outreach and youth engagement in stewardship

email Irina Irvine

Coastal Ecologist
Tahzay Jones
Alaska Region
Expertise: Coastal ecology (arctic & tropical), marine biology (arctic & tropical), coastal physical and hydrological processes, island ecology, freshwater stream ecology, water quality, systems modeling, fisheries
email Tahzay Jones
Coastal Ecologist
Cathy Johnson
Region: Northeast / Region 1
Expertise: Coastal and marine ecology; wildlife ecology and conservation (terrestrial and aquatic);
endangered species and consultation; habitat restoration and management; wetlands
(freshwater and coastal); landscape ecology
email Cathy Johnson
Aquatic Ecologist
Brenda Moraska Lafrancois
Region: Legacy Midwest Region, new DOI Regions 3, 4, and 5
Expertise: aquatic ecology, aquatic invasive species, harmful algal blooms, benthic mapping, tributary-nearshore interactions, nearshore water quality, food web ecology
email Brenda Moraska Lafrancios

Marine Scientist and Ocean Program Coordinator
C. Anna Toline
Southeast Region
Expertise: Marine science including but not limited to water quality, wildlife health and management, marine protected areas, fisheries, invasive species, etc. (all things marine); habitats are widely varied and include oyster reefs, coral reefs, sea grass, mangroves, and tidal wetlands
email C. Anna Toline

Water Rights Branch

Jennifer Back
Expertise: Wild and Scenic Rivers, water rights, groundwater-surface interactions, instream flow quantification.
email Jennifer Back

Joseph Chafey
Expertise: Surface water flow and groundwater level monitoring, data collection, and analysis; maintenance and preparation of hydrologic monitoring and land surveying equipment; water rights public notice review, documentation research, reporting compliance and risk assessment.
email Joseph Chafey

Paula Cutillo
Expertise: Hydrogeology, groundwater modeling, groundwater sustainability, water rights
email Paula Cutillo

Policy Analyst
Peter Fahmy
Expertise: Federal and state water rights statutes, case law, regulations, and policies; state administrative hearing procedures; National Park Service statutes, regulations, and policies
email Peter Fahmy

Chris Gable
Expertise: Surface and groundwater field methods, data analysis, instrumentation and water rights
email Chris Gable

Jeff Hughes
Expertise: Water rights, surface water hydrology
email Jeff Hughes

Water Rights Specialist
Eric Lord
Expertise: Water rights, water law
email Eric Lord

Mark Wondzell
Expertise: Surface water hydrology, instream flow quantification
email Mark Wondzell

Field-Based Water Professionals

Aquatic Resource Professionals are WRD-supported technical staff who are located in region or park offices and who are supervised locally. These specialists provide technical and policy support on local issues for WRD, the regions, and their respective parks. They are a vital extension of the services provided by the NPS Water Resources Division.

Aquatic Ecologist
Marie Denn
Pacific West Region
Expertise: Wetland monitoring and restoration, wetland mapping, rare plant and plant community monitoring, program planning for natural resources stewardship, water quality monitoring
email Marie Denn

Fishery Ecologist and Water Quality Specialist
Jeff Duncan
Southeast Region
Expertise: Aquatic ecology from a systems perspective, southeastern aquatic communities, invasion ecology, biotic homogenization, water quality, Wild and Scenic Rivers, hydropower
email Jeff Duncan

Wetlands Ecologist
Mark Ford
Southeast Region
Expertise: Plant biology and ecology, restoration, coastal processes, fire ecology
email Mark Ford

Fishery Biologist
Jay Glase
Midwest Region
Expertise: Lake and stream ecology, fluvial hydrology, instream fisheries habitat, benthic mapping of lakes and streams, riverine and coastal ecosystem restoration
email Jay Glase

Groundwater Hydrologist
Gary Karst
Pacific West Region
Expertise: Physical and quantitative groundwater hydrology; groundwater-surface water interaction, regional flow system analysis
email Gary Karst

Paul Kennard
Pacific West Region
Expertise: Flooding and geohazards; erosion, debris flow, and landslide potential; river channel movement and stream bank erosion; glacier influences; riparian and in-stream large wood interactions; and forest hydrology
email Paul Kennard

Aquatic Ecologist and Pilot
Amy Larsen
Alaska Region
Expertise: Wetland ecosystem dynamics in subarctic and arctic ecosystems, climate change, long term lake monitoring, surface water interactions with permafrost, impacts of fire on wetland ecosystems, and aviation
email Amy Larsen

Aquatic Ecologist
Brenda Moraska-LaFrancois
Midwest Region
Expertise: Lake, stream, and coastal ecosystems (including large lakes and rivers), water quality trends, watershed biogeochemistry, algal and invertebrate communities, nutrient enrichment, aquatic invasive species, contaminants, and climate change
email Brenda Moraska-LaFrancois

Peter Sharpe
Northeast Region
Expertise: Tidal and non-tidal wetland ecology, plant ecology, water chemistry, hydrology, wetland/stream restoration, study design
email Peter Sharpe

Sharla Stevenson
Midwest and Intermountain Region
Expertise: Surface water hydrology, snow hydrology, hydroclimatology, statistics, and GIS
email Sharla Stevenson

Fishery Biologist
Melissa Trammell
Intermountain Region
Expertise: Colorado River, threatened and endangered fish, desert fishes, aquatic ecology
email Melissa Trammell

Fishery Biologist
Dan Young
Alaska Region
Expertise: Salmon and resident fish ecology, salmon escapement monitoring, and radio telemetry
email Dan Young

Last updated: June 16, 2020