The staff at the Western Archeological and Conservation Center (WACC) support National Park Service (NPS) Intermountain Region parks through professional conservation, curation, archival, and library management assistance.

Museum Services Program

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Tef Rodeffer

Museum Services Program Manager

As Program Manager, Tef coordinates the regional Museum and Library Services Program, which provides technical assistance to parks and partners in accountability, preservation, access, and management of museum, archival and library collections. She manages the WACC facility, where over 14.5 million objects and archives are curated for more than 70 parks.


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Amanda Smith

Budget Analyst

Amanda serves as the Budget Analyst for the WACC facility. She performs all budget administration functions in the formulation, execution, and review of the overall budget. Collateral duties include procurement, GPOExpress contact for local printing, managing the motor-pool program, assisting with property, internal controls, and serving as the Volunteers-in-Parks Coordinator.

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Administrative Support Assistant

Shelby is responsible for information management administrative support activities. Duties include routine functions and advisory service to the Western Archaeological Conservation Center staff on the following areas: budget, human resource management, acquisition and property management, travel, fleet operations and facilitating identity credential issuance and services.


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Khaleel Saba

Assistant Archivist

Khaleel is the Museum Services Program Assistant Archivist (Acting Archivist). He manages the archives and research requests at WACC. In addition he coordinates the work of archival cooperators at WACC who process and catalog archives on behalf of NPS units. Other duties include assisting park units by surveying and identifying permanent archives, developing funding statements, providing records management guidance, and training park staff on the best practices of archival management.
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Rachael Campbell

Project Archivist

Rachael processes and catalogs archival collections for Intermountain Region (IMR) parks and conducts on-site surveys and assessments. It’s been a privilege to learn about park resources and histories through the processing of collections and a highlight to have visited so many of the parks whose records I have worked.
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Veronica Furlong

Project Archivist

Veronica processes and catalogs archival collections and writes hierarchical finding aids for park units. She enjoys learning about many aspects of the parks –their administrative and local histories, remarkable cultural and natural resources, and unique landmarks and landscapes –through their documents, and making these records accessible to researchers.


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Dana Senge

Senior Objects Conservator

Dana guides museum staff on art and artifact conservation issues. She works with park staff both onsite and from the lab at WACC, on broad collection issues such as environmental or storage conditions and on individual conservation treatments.Currently many of her projects help parks prepare objects for new exhibits.

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Betsy Burr

Objects Conservator

Betsy provides technical assistance on conservation issues to museum staff in the Intermountain Region. Her work includes surveying the condition of museum collections, advising on and implementing preventative conservation measures such as integrated pest management and environmental monitoring, and conducing conservation treatments both on-site and in the lab at WACC.


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Brenda McLain


Brenda provides technical assistance to help parks manage their museum program, create baseline documentation, plan exhibits, and supports park tribal consultations on collections. She also manages the WACC objects repository and assists with regional and national museum program initiatives.

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Kim Beckwith


Kim provides physical and intellectual access to collections, manages park and center collection databases, and provides technical assistance regarding cataloging, storage, and registration to NPS staff and Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) partners.

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Lauren Compton

Museum Specialist

In addition to assisting with WACC's curation and registration work, Lauren is responsible for helping three park units in New Mexico and Arizona to manage their museum collections. She loves using her archeology and art history background to research and catalog the amazing artifacts that represent the cultures of the Southwest and the history of the National Park Service.

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Paige Hoskins

Museum Specialist

Paige assists with curation and registration for objects stored at WACC and in managing the museum collections for four Arizona parks. Paige enjoys researching and solving mysteries to ensure the collection is accurate and useful.

Information Technology

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William Edelstein

IT Intern

William is a Pathways Program Student Intern who assists with the IT needs at WACC. He works with the SOAR team to ensure smooth operation of hardware, software, and other systems at WACC and nearby parks. William enjoys tinkering with hardware and is currently working on his master’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Arizona.

Last updated: January 5, 2021