Shelving with white document boxes.
Our state-of-the-art facility contains more than 5,000 linear feet of archives from parks and programs.

NPS Photo/Khaleel Saba

The Museum Services Program provides professional archival services to more than 80 parks in the region. A primary mission of the archives is to extend research assistance and access to the exceptional collections housed here.

What's Here
The archives at the Western Archeological and Conservation Center (WACC) provide firsthand information about the past in our national parks. They take many forms, including correspondence, diaries, unpublished manuscripts, financial and legal documents, photographs, digital media, film, sound recordings, and resource reports. Archives at WACC retain records of National Park Service history and the decision-making processes of the organization, focusing on the Intermountain Region.

The Team
The archives team conducts surveys to identify archives, and processes, arranges, and catalogs diverse record formats, including photographs, nitrate negatives, reel-to-reel motion picture film, lantern slides, and rare books and manuscripts. The team then provides the long-term preservation of the archival collections housed at WACC. The archives program also includes opportunities for students, both undergraduate and graduate, to work alongside archival professionals.

Finding Aids
Finding aids are produced to help researchers use collections effectively. Explore them now, to prepare for a quick and productive research trip.

Last updated: August 8, 2016