Employee Resource Groups

Council for Indigenous, Relevance, Communication, Leadership and Excellence (CIRCLE)

CIRCLE was formed in 2013 and is a resource for employees of the National Park Service to enhance their understanding of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian (AI/AN/NH) issues. CIRCLE provides recommendations and guidance to NPS leadership regarding the hiring, retention, and improved visibility of AI/AN/NHs throughout the NPS. For more information, contact CIRCLE@nps.gov.

Employee Empowerment Collective

The National Park Service Employee Empowerment Collective Employee Resource Group serves the agency and its employees by addressing the unique needs of African American personnel and visitors. In keeping with the agency's goals to promote relevancy, diversity, and inclusion, the EEC exists to enhance the visibility of African American history in the national park system and to assist the agency in improving the working environment for hiring, retaining, and improving the visibility of its African American employees. For more information, contact employee_empowerment_collective@nps.gov.

Hispanic Organization on Relevancy, Advising, Leadership, and Excellence (HORALE)

HORALE serves as an advisory body to National Park Service leadership. HORALE provides recommendations and guidance regarding the development of action plans and initiatives designed to increase hiring and retention, and improve the visibility of NPS Hispanic/Latino employees particularly in NPS parks and sites of cultural and historical significance to Latino people. HORALE also functions as a service-wide resource for NPS managers to enhance and better understand national Latino issues.For more information, contact HORALE@nps.gov.

Innovative Leadership Network (ILN)

The Innovative Leadership Network (ILN) is a service-wide Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to enhancing the culture of the National Park Service by fostering creativity, leadership development, communication, idea sharing, innovative action, and the empowerment of NPS employees at all levels. By fostering innovation and empowerment we will help transform agency culture and make the National Park Service a model of a modern, 21st century agency. In so doing, as we move into our second century, we will recapture the innovative, pioneering spirit that was present at our inception, and make the National Park Service one of the best places to work in the federal government. To learn more, email Innovative_Leadership_Network@nps.gov.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Employee Resource Group

The National Park Service LGBTQ ERG serves the agency and its employees by addressing the unique needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer personnel and visitors. The group formed in April 2015 and will enhance the visibility of LGBTQ history in the National Park System and assist the agency in improving the working environment for and hiring, retaining, and improving visibility of its LGBTQ employees. For more information, contact LGBTQ_ERG@nps.gov.

Women's Employee Resource Group

The Women’s Employee Resource Group (W-ERG) enhances the visibility of women’s issues and achievements in the NPS, creating a gender-equitable work environment.The W-ERG is a resource specifically for NPS staff interested in workplace gender equity and in increasing opportunities for women–across disciplines, geographies, backgrounds and experiences. The group provides community, personal and career resources, and information around gender issues, and advises NPS senior leadership on these issues and on behalf of its membership. For more information, contact the group.

Employees for the Advancement of People with Disabilities

We are a group of passionate people working together to learn how we can advance and improve the experiences of people with disabilities. Whether it be in the office, digitally, or experiencing our public lands. The Employees for the Advancement of People with Disabilities ERG is open to all DOI employees and allies from every level of the organization regardless of disability, including concessionaires, interns, alumni, volunteers, and employees from partner organizations, as allowable by law or policy. Membership is completely voluntary. For more information contact the group.
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Last updated: March 11, 2021