How does the National Park Service define relevancy, diversity, and inclusion?

  • Relevancy is achieved when all Americans are able to establish a personal connection to the National Park Service parks and programs and find meaning and value in the mission of the National Park Service.
  • Diversity represents the practice of actively incorporating people of different backgrounds, perspectives, thoughts and beliefs throughout the organization to ensure that NPS is advantaged by the best thinking possible. Diversity represents the wide range of visible and invisible differences and similarities that make each of us unique.
  • Inclusion is the practice of intentionally building a culture that is flexible, values diverse ideas, and embraces the meaningful participation of all.
Why does the National Park Service care about relevancy, diversity, and inclusion?

Relevancy, diversity, and inclusion is critical for the National Park Service's continued success. To solve the agency's most pressing problems and remain a credible steward of our nation's cultural and natural heritage, the NPS realizes it must harness the power of our interconnectedness and use diversity and inclusion for innovation. Relevancy, diversity, and inclusion are principles for solving the complex challenges of the 21st century.

Does relevancy, diversity, and inclusion include me?

Yes! relevancy, diversity and inclusion includes you - it includes everyone. It is about equipping all with the skills needed to engage a diverse populace, instilling transparency and accountability throughout the organization, strengthening our capacity to build trust and communication, and ensuring the continued relevancy of the National Park Service to the American public.

But, isn't relevancy, diversity, and inclusion all about hiring? And, we've been talking about diversity for a long time. What makes this time different?

Relevancy, diversity, and inclusion is, first and foremost, a new way of doing business - it is embedded in everything we do. It is both a mindset and skillset for meeting everyday challenges with 21st century skills. At its core, relevancy, diversity, and inclusion is about being a better organization for our employees and the public we serve. It is not about quotas or numbers. It is not a hiring initiative, an outreach program, or a special emphasis month celebration.

How can I learn more about Employee Resource Groups?
Please contact the Office of RDI if you would like to learn more about NPS Employee Resource Groups or would like more information on our initiatives and goals. Please email Office_RDI@nps.gov or call 202-354-2203.

Last updated: May 7, 2015