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Department of the Interior Announces Nearly $300 Million to Support and Expand Local Outdoor Recreation

Date: July 21, 2023

WASHINGTON – The Department of the Interior announced the distribution of $295,582,830 from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) today to all 50 states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia. Recent changes to the LWCF Manual guide states to work more closely with Tribal Nations and clarify eligibility to ensure all federally recognized Tribes can take part in and support future public outdoor recreation and conservation projects. The funds from this year’s distribution will be available until fiscal year 2025.    

“The Land and Water Conservation Fund helps further President Biden’s commitment to investing in America’s lands and waters, expanding access to the outdoors, and safeguarding the environment,” said Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland. “These grants, matched primarily by state and local governments, will inspire collaborative conservation and improves equitable access to the outdoors for all.”    

Along with this year’s LWCF distribution, the National Park Service is releasing an update to the LWCF Manual that directs states to work more closely with Tribes and underserved communities during the development of their Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans, a requirement for eligibility to receive LWCF funds. It also prioritizes the creation of parks in underserved communities. While Tribes were already eligible to receive LWCF grants, the changes to the Manual are intended to clarify this availability and encourage Tribal governments to apply for these funds.    

“All communities are deserving of local outdoor recreation,” said National Park Service Director Chuck Sams. “Through the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the National Park Service is proud to help communities and local governments upgrade and create new outdoor spaces that are most beneficial and enriching to their community, so that everyone is able to take part in outdoor recreation close to home.”    

Since its inception in 1965, LWCF has funded $5.2 billion to support more than 45,000 projects in every county in the country. At no cost to taxpayers, LWCF which is administered by the National Park Service, supports increased public access to and protection for federal public lands and waters — including national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and recreation areas — and provides matching grants to Tribal, state and local governments to support the acquisition and development of land for public parks and other outdoor recreation sites.    

The allocation for each state and territory is determined through a formula set in the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act and is largely population-based. States and territories further allocate these funds to local projects, usually through a competitive process. These investments help support the Biden-Harris administration’s America the Beautiful initiative by supporting locally led outdoor recreation and conservation projects to protect and enhance our nation’s public lands and waters.   

Fiscal Year 2023 Total Apportionments by State/Territory  

Alabama    $     4,399,127   
Alaska    $     2,462,608   
Arizona    $     6,112,986   
Arkansas    $     3,460,121   
California    $   24,881,884   
Colorado    $     5,279,892   
Connecticut    $     4,092,899   
Delaware    $     2,643,419   
Florida    $   14,323,172   
Georgia    $     7,566,788   
Hawaii    $     2,910,126   
Idaho    $     3,018,638   
Illinois    $     9,180,869   
Indiana    $     5,502,327   
Iowa    $     3,621,127   
Kansas    $     3,590,387   
Kentucky    $     4,177,359   
Louisiana    $     4,444,609   
Maine    $     2,645,689   
Maryland    $     5,492,978   
Massachusetts    $     6,091,269   
Michigan    $     7,223,879   
Minnesota    $     4,976,327   
Mississippi    $     3,347,769   
Missouri    $     5,152,442   
Montana    $     2,589,545   
Nebraska    $     3,103,404   
Nevada    $     3,897,814   
New Hampshire    $     2,741,235   
New Jersey    $     7,446,143   
New Mexico    $     3,193,100   
New York    $   13,292,350   
North Carolina    $     7,174,514   
North Dakota    $     2,474,380   
Ohio    $     8,207,072   
Oklahoma    $     4,004,248   
Oregon    $     4,359,338   
Pennsylvania    $     8,835,983   
Rhode Island    $     2,731,759   
South Carolina    $     4,614,625   
South Dakota    $     2,513,536   
Tennessee    $     5,452,119   
Texas    $   17,884,174   
Utah    $     3,947,327   
Vermont    $     2,356,092   
Virginia    $     6,551,890   
Washington    $     6,272,358   
West Virginia    $     2,850,529   
Wisconsin    $     4,976,969   
Wyoming    $     2,382,133   
District of Columbia    $     2,521,551   
Puerto Rico    $     3,978,055   
Virgin Islands    $     2,161,741   
Guam    $     2,197,229   
American Samoa    $     2,136,899   
Northern Marianas    $     2,136,027   
Total    $ 295,582,830

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Last updated: July 26, 2023