Cultural Anthropology

Subsistence fishing on the Potomac River
NCR Cultural Anthropologists conducted a study of subsistence fishing on the Potomac River.


Anthropologists work with contemporary and traditional communities to understand the importance of national park lands for people today and in the past. The NCR Cultural Anthropology Program conducts and manages ethnographic research in parks and associated communities to understand who is connected to the parks, how park management has impacted them, and how park decision makers can take their perspectives into account. The program also coordinates consultation with American Indian tribes and compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) for the region.


Please contact Noel Lopez, Cultural Anthropologist, for more information. If you need assistance from Resource Stewardship and Science (RESS), you may submit a Solution for Technical Assistance Requests (STAR) request online (NPS Only).


  • Research
    Research on the response to the 1968 DC Race Riots, Summer in the Parks, and broader Civil Rights research in the National Capital Region (ongoing).
  • Ethnographic Studies
    An ethnographic study of African American refugees from slavery ("contrabands") and the post-Civil War communities which grew up around the Civil War Defenses of Washington and became part of African American communities of Washington, D.C. Learn more about Escaping Slavery and Building Diverse Communities.


Access to certain ethnography reports may be restricted because they contain sensitive or personally identifiable information. Contact the program lead if additional information is needed.

Source: Data Store Saved Search 3650. To search for additional information, visit the Data Store.

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