Community Projects

RTCA is helping turn ideas into action throughout Alaska! We look forward to working with the following communities on these exciting continuing and new projects.
Volunteers listening to a trail crew leader.
Volunteers preparing to work on trails in Chugach State Park.

NPS Photo / Michael Downs

Anchorage Chugach Park Fund

Project Partner: Chugach State Park Citizen’s Advisory Board

Project: Goal Increase capacity of the Chugach Park Fund to help improve the Chugach State Park trail system.
Hiker viewing fall colors near river.
Hiker viewing the Eagle River, near the Crow Pass Trail.

NPS Photo / Molly Tankersley

Crow Pass Trail Stewardship

Project Partner: Chugach State Park Citizen’s Advisory Board

Project Goal: Improve trail conditions and the trail user’s experience through collaboration between land managers and community organizations.
Landscape photo of lake and mountain.
Scenic view from the Iditarod National Historic Trail Southern Trek.

Photo / U.S. Forest Service

Iditarod National Historic Trail Southern Trek Stewardship Plan

Project Partner: Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance

Project Goal: Connect the communities of Girdwood, Seward, and Moose Pass to near-by segments of the Iditarod National Historic Trail, creating long-term local appreciation, use, and stewardship of the trail.
Person pointing to a park map.
Project manager describes the Government Hill Commons.

NPS Photo / Paul Clark

Anchorage Government Hill Commons

Project Partner: Government Hill Community Council

Project Goal: Develop a trails system that connects parks and communities in the Government Hill neighborhood, as well as a commons featuring a community garden, orchard, and children’s play area.
Mountains above the Delta River.
View from the future Riverwalk Park.

NPS Photo / Michael Downs

Delta Junction Riverwalk Park

Project Partner: Delta Junction Trails Association

Project Goal: Create a new park and trail system to give residents an in-town, easily accessible park setting to enjoy a non-motorized outdoor experience and access to the Delta River.

People walking on a paved trail.
Park Rx walk in Anchorage.

NPS Photo / Michael Downs

Anchorage Health on Trails

Project Partner: Anchorage Park Foundation

Project Goal: Encourage and promote simple, accessible trail opportunities for all people to improve mental and physical health.
Skier posing.
Skier at the future Chinook Conservation Park.

Photo / Seth Adams

Chinook Conservation Park

Project Partner: Interior Alaska Land Trust

Project Goal: Create safe community and recreational access to a recently restored creek, while maintaining riparian zones, integrity of watersheds and habitat values.
A hill rising above the Kuskokwim River
The Kuskokwim River.

NPS Photo / Michael Downs

McGrath Recreational Trails

Project Partner: City of McGrath

Project Goal: Develop a community trail system that connects all residents and visitors to diverse recreational opportunities, beautiful natural landscapes, and traditional activities.
Creek winding into the ocean.
Fish Creek Estuary running through the Coastal Trail.

Friends of Fish Creek

Project Partner:
  1. Friends of Fish Creek

Project Goals:
  • Promote the values and benefits of having a healthy above ground waterway and increase public awareness and support for daylighting Fish Creek.
Anvil City Square in winter with St Joe's church in background.
Anvil City Square with St Joe's Church in the background.

NPS Photo / Michael Downs

Project Partner:
Nome City Palnning Commision

Project Goals:
  • Identify pathways and greenbelt areas to safely connect community residents to recreation areas, public facilities and services, and local businesses.
  • Increase aesthetics of Front Street for economic development and tourism.
  • Improve parks for community/social events and all age play.
  • Improve trails and parks to allow for the movement of people with all abilities.
  • Increase year-round active transportation for health and fitness of community members through trail systems.

Rotting boardwalk near a stream.
Boardwalk in need of replacing through a wet area on Ship Cove Trail.

NPS Photo / Michael downs

Project Partner:
City of Port Alexander

Project Goals:
  • Reestablish the historic Ships Cove trail system
  • Construct the Easy St, Taft Ave, and Access St boardwalks on tract B
  • Create a new segment of trail to connect to tract B
Hiker viewing fall colors from the trail.
Hiker negotiates the trail near Eagle River with fall colors in the background.

NPS Photo / Michael Downs

Project Partner:
Alaska Trails

Project Goals:
  • Initiatives for trial maintenance.
  • Improve trails and outdoor recreation in Alaska to boost economy, promote education, and as a framework for research.
  • Enhancing the quality of life of Alaska’s residents and the quality of the experience of Alaska’s visitors by promoting the protection and development of Alaska’s trails.
Group of hikers posing for a picture on top of Donnelly Dome.
Group of hikers on top of Donnelly Dome.

Delta Junction Trails Association

Project Partner:
Delta Junction Trails Association

Project Goal:
  • Develop a safe sustainable trail with grade and erosion control.
  • Work with military to continue to allow easy safe access.
An access trail that heads straight with fall colors.
A trail that accesses the greenbelt with fall colors.

NPS Photo / Paul Clark

Project Partner:
Matanuska Greenbelt

Project Goals:
  • Maintain open space of greenbelt.
  • Design non-motorized sustainable trails.
  • Outdoor education for all.
  • Develop connections to neighborhoods.
  • Recruit help for tail work-all levels of experience.

Open land with snow on the ground.
Open ground near Dump Lake.

NPS Photo / Paul Clark

Project Partner:
City of Newhalen

Project Goal:
Develop a playground near Dump Lake for local youth.

Last updated: June 24, 2019