Terminus: Mount Skokomish Glacier by Hope Black

a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.
Objects arranged on a background of wood, painted in fading blue. These bits of wire, metal, and paint-chipped slabs form the shape of a snow-capped mountain with a blue shape in the center.
trash & wire on wood
by Hope Black
"I make nature scenes on wood with trash that I pickup while hiking. I hope the message (and the irony) of this medium is speaks volumes.

"To stick most materials to the wood, I first use a liquid welding agent to create the initial bond and then I drill holes all the way through the wood and put wire through and around the back to create extra hold. (I also incorporate wire into my 3D trash art whenever it makes sense artistically and aesthetically - it represents the general connectedness of everything on earth). For this project in particular I looked for trash on and around Mt. Skokomish. I have no idea what these black and white pieces used to be, but they looked just like mountains to me! (The teal piece - the glacier - is from a different hike in the Olympics).

"For this piece of art, abstract simplicity is key: represented are the 3 peaks of Mt. Skokomish, the glacier, and a fifth piece to represent the surrounding areas, animals and people groups who have been affected by the glacier disappearing. The middle peak is "holding" the glacier with care and is upside down as a symbol of the despair of the loss of our glaciers. This is also a call to hold our glaciers and our planet with love and care. The wavy wire at the bottom represents the Skokomish River and is a nod to the trout population.

"I wanted my homage art to be simple yet impactful. There is no easy or simple way to express the impact of the disappearing glaciers. Depth, meaning, connectedness...how does one sum it all up? Sometimes less is more. I hope this small, simple piece speaks very loudly." -Hope Black
a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.

Meet the artist: Hope Black

"I am a self-taught multi media artist and photographer. The most important part of any art is that it has genuine intention behind it, and I find there are many mediums that I can use to express my heart and ideas. In recent years I have honed in on two methods that I find especially impactful and that I love doing: I use trash that I find on hikes to build 3D nature scenes on wood, and I create abstract watercolor & ink combinations on paper. I also often incorporate my photography into pieces with the use of acrylic mediums.

"When I’m not creating, you can usually find me backpacking on the coast, reading, having dance parties with my toddler and his Sloth, or having tea in my hammock." -Hope Black

You can see more at Hope's artist website here.

A mountain below a clear blue sky. A small glacier nestles in the crook between two peaks. A person wearing a backpack is visible in the foreground.

More about Mount Skokomish Glacier

A small cirque glacier tucked into the northern side of Mount Skokomish. Most easily accessed from Lake of the Angels, it can be seen from the ridge which traverses between First Divide/Mount Hopper and Stone Arrow Pass/Lake of the Angels. The glacier is tucked into the cirque on the right hand side of the photo. The glacier flows into the Skokomish River drainage.

a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.

Last updated: May 18, 2023

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