Terminus: Bretherton Snowfield by Suze Woolf

a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.
Labeled "CORE VALUES Glacier, Lake, Forest", three sections of a phot and a set of fabric cylinders. A glacier and three fabric representations of ice cores, a lake photo and several multicolored fabric cylinders, and a tree with fabric "tree cores."

“Many field sciences, such as glaciology, geology and forestry, use coring as a data method. But of course those scientific cores only show the past. Our handcrafted-fabric imaginary cores add possible futures to glacial ice, earthen sediments and trees.

"Ice receives more soot, red algae and pollen as it thins and shrinks. Sediments receive more human detritus—from plastics to newsprint and more. Trees may burn, be besieged by various pathogens and insects, or be logged for lumber.

"Suze Woolf knit and felted the simulated tree cores, Arisa Brown dyed and quilted the sediment cores and Janet Stone wove the ice cores.”

a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.

Meet the artist: Suze Woolf

Suze Woolf’s work is about human relationships to nature. A painter, she explores media from watercolor to paper-casting, artist books to pyrography and installation--sometimes all together.

She has exhibited in Washington State, Utah, Maryland, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona and Washington DC; received awards from arts groups, universities; residencies in Zion, Glacier, Capitol Reef and North Cascades National Parks, and art colonies Banff, Vermont Studio, Jentel, Playa, Centrum, Sitka Center.

You can see more from Suze here at her website.

A turquoise mountain lake with glacial ice uphill.
Milk Lake

More about Bretherton Snowfield

This is a small permanent snow field on the north facing cirque below Mount Bretherton. It hangs above Milk Lake, a "milky" blue glacial tarn in the watershed just above Upper Lena Lake, a popular hiking destination in the Hamma Hamma. The snow field is scenic as a backdrop to the lake and easily visited. Its waters join the Hamma Hamma River drainage.

a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.

Last updated: April 16, 2023

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