Temperate Rain Forests

trail winding through sword ferns under trees with draperies of long green epiphytes hanging from branches
Bigleaf maples in the rain forest are adorned with epiphytic mosses, ferns, and spike-mosses growing on their trunks and branches.
green carpet of moss and other plant on forest floor with tall, mossy tree trunks above
Sitka spruce stand with moss- and oxalis-covered forest floor. Grazing by Roosevelt elk often helps to keep the rain forest understory open.

Common Trees
Sitka spruce - Picea sitchensis
Douglas-fir - Pseudotsuga menziesii
Western hemlock - Tsuga heterophylla
Western redcedar - Thuja plicata
Bigleaf maple - Acer macrophyllum
Vine maple - Acer circinatum
Red alder - Alnus rubra
Black cottonwood - Populus balsamifera

Common Shrubs
Salmonberry - Rubus spectabilis
Huckleberry - Vaccinium sp.

Common epiphytes (plants growing on tree trunks & branches)
Licorice fern - Polypodium glycyrrhiza
Oregon selaginella - Selaginella oregana
Cat-tail moss - Isothecium stoloniferum
Lungwort - Lobaria sp.

Common Understory Plants
Oregon oxalis - Oxalis oregana
Sword fern - Polystichum munitum
Lady fern - Athyrium felix-femina
Stair-step moss - Hylocomium splendens
100s of other species of mosses, lichens and liverworts

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