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What is a CUA?

  • A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) is a business permit with the National Park Service that authorizes an individual, group, company, or other for-profit entity to conduct commercial activities and provide specific visitor services within a national park area. The National Park Service will only issue CUAs for commercial activities and visitor services that:
    • are determined to be an appropriate use of Olympic National Park;
    • will have minimal impact on Olympic’s resources and values; and
    • are consistent with Olympic’s purpose, management plans, policies, and regulations.
  • A CUA is required if you, as an individual, organization, or company, provide any goods, activities, services, agreements, or other function for members, clients, or the public that:
    • take place at least in part in Olympic,
    • use park resources, and
    • result in compensation, monetary gain, benefit, or profit.
  • Businesses and individuals may not conduct commercial activities in the park without a valid CUA or in a manner inconsistent with the terms of the CUA.

Federal regulations prohibit engaging in or soliciting any business in park areas, except in accordance with the provisions of a permit, contract, or other written agreement with the National Park Service.

Do CUA holders have to pay park entrance fees?

  • Yes. Road-based commercial tour operator/bus and van tours whose service is transporting clients between areas of interest in the park and consist of one or more persons traveling by vehicle on an improved roadway, on an itinerary that someone has packaged and sold for leisure/recreational purposes, do not need a CUA and instead pay the commercial tour entrance fee each time they enter the park, based on the park’s length of stay. Tour leaders with these groups must not accompany clients on walks, hikes or other activities while stopped at these locations in the park. These tours must also not provide shuttle services to clients. Fees & Passes
  • Other types of CUA holders pay the park’s per person entrance fee; passes are accepted. Fees & Passes

Commercial Use Authorizations

Olympic National Park issues Commercial Use Authorizations and Non-Profit Special Use Permits to provide for business opportunities in several types of visitor services:

How do I apply for a CUA?

A Commercial Use Authorization application may be submitted between January 1st and May 1st. Once you have downloaded a form, select the "View" menu and choose "Edit Document" to enter your data. Specific requirements must be met including insurance coverage, guide training, and payment of authorization fees. Olympic only accepts CUA applications for the commercial activities listed above.

You must include the following information for your application to be processed:

  • Completed 2024 application form
  • Current certificate of insurance with appropriate insurance minimums
  • Insurance company rating letter
  • Receipts of payment for: Application and Management fee's
  • List of guides and expiration dates of all certificates
    • Do not send copies of certificates
  • Itineraries for all trips into the park
  • Risk management plan
  • VAR form (visitors acknowledgment of risk)

COVID-19 Guidance

CUA and SUP groups who are transporting clients as a part of their service should review and adhere to current NPS policy on coronavirus guidance.

If your questions concerning COVID-19 guidance are unanswered after reading the information available on the Public Health Information for the Park Partner Community webpage or the Guidance for Multi-day Road-based Tours, please contact us.

Possible Exposure

If you have employees, guests, or customers who report a possible exposure, suspect or confirmed case of illness from the COVID-19 virus, please immediately contact the park so that they can work with you to coordinate with public health authorities.

Important Links

Other forms needed by Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) or Non-Profit Special use Permit (SUP) applicants and holders as mentioned in the application can be found at the following links. Once you have downloaded a form, select the "View" menu and choose "Edit Document" to enter your data:

CUA Suspension, Revocation, or Denial

CUA holders and their employees are required to meet the conditions of the CUA while operating within Olympic National Park. Failure to meet these conditions may result in CUA suspension, restriction, revocation or application denial. Review the Olympic National Park Commercial Use Authorization Revocation Policy.


In Olympic National Park, concessions contracts have been issued to provide certain visitor services. These services include overnight accommodations, food and beverage, retail sales, recreational equipment rental (bikes, boats, skis, and snowshoes), therapeutic hot mineral spring pools, a swimming pool, massage therapy and campground sites. No other businesses are currently authorized to provide these services in Olympic National Park.

For information about services available at Kalaloch Lodge please visit:

For information about services available at Lake Crescent Lodge, Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort and Log Cabin Resort please visit:

Commercial Filming and Photography Permits

Those interested in commercial filming activities on land managed by the National Park Service are encouraged to contact the park directly for more information about filming in the park and to discuss how to minimize potential impacts to visitors and sensitive park resources.

For more information about photography and filming, please check out
Permits & Reservations, email, or write to Olympic National Park, attn: Fee Program, 600 East Park Ave, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

Federal Contracting

Olympic National Park annually solicits for businesses to assist with a variety of supply, service and construction needs. The park uses the Federal Business Opportunities ( website to advertise most competitive contracting solicitations. For additional information about contracting with Olympic National Park, please call 360-565-3024.

Last updated: May 16, 2024

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