Explore the Islands of Sacred Earth

The National Park of American Samoa welcomes you into the heart of the South Pacific, to a world of sights, sounds, and experiences that you will find in no other national park.

Enjoy this unique national park and the welcoming people of American Samoa. We are here to protect its rich culture and natural resources. Come explore them with us!

A panoramic beach view of a quintessential tropical paradise
Quintessential Tropical Paradise

When you aren't snorkeling, enjoy a walk in the sand or relax in the shade along this quiet and remote beach.

Fruit from a small subsistence plantation in the park.
Subsistence Farming

Because fa'asamoa is important to this park, subsistence farming is allowed on some parklands. You will see small plantations around.

A bright, turquoise feathered king fisher bird perches high on a limb
Colorful King Fisher Bird

This park is home to over 35 resident and migratory species, including seabirds, water birds, forrest birds, and shorebirds.

The pe'a (fruit bat) roosts during the day
The Pe'a (Fruit Bats)

The Samoan fruit bat has the habit of flying during the day as well as at night and usually seen roosting.

A cheerful Taupou--Samoan princess wears a colorful head dress.
Taupou--Samoan Princess

The daughter of a high chief in a village.

'Ie Toga (Fine Mat)
Fine Mats on Display

Fine mats are used for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and the bestowing of chiefly titles.

Last updated: May 6, 2024

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