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Brown booby, "fua'o" in flight
Brown booby, "fua'o" in flight.


The Samoan Archipelago is a typical Pacific Ocean Volcanic Island arc. As the Pacific Ocean plate moves across a stationary hot spot (a place where molten rock from the Earth's mantle pierces the lithosphere plate) it forms a line of volcanoes, some of which reach the ocean surface to form a string of islands. The National Park of American Samoa is really 'three parks' on three separate islands--Ta'u, Ofu, and Tutuila. The national park is remote and is located in the Southern Hemisphere--near the International Date Line. These web pages offer you an opportunity to appreciate the park's unique culture, biodiversity and scenic beauty, and day-dream of actually visiting Ofu, Olosega, Ta'u, and Tutuila. Plan to spend some time here someday.


Last updated: April 26, 2016

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