Restricted Hunting Activity Areas

Additional closures or restrictions may be in effect. Contact us for further information and updates.

Federal Caribou Hunting Closure (Federal Subsistence Board)
All Federal public lands within a 10 mile wide corridor (5 miles either side) along the Noatak River from the western boundary of the Noatak National Preserve upstream to the confluence with the Cutler River; within the northern and southern boundaries of the Eli and Agashashok River Drainages, respectively; and within the Squirrel River drainage are closed to caribou hunting except by Federally qualified subsistence users.

Noatak Controlled Use Area (State of Alaska)
A corridor extending five miles on either side of, and including, the Noatak River beginning at the mouth of the Agashashok River, and extending upstream to the mouth of the Nimiuktuk River. This area is closed from Aug 15 – Sept 30 to the use of aircraft in any manner for big game hunting, including transportation of big game hunters, their hunting gear, and/or parts of big game. This does not apply to the transportation of big game hunters or parts of big game to and between publicly owned airports; make sure to understand the laws and their exceptions before your trip.

Noatak National Preserve Special Commercial Use Area (National Park Service)
Commercial Transporters are prohibited from dropping off or picking up non-Federally qualified subsistence caribou hunters within the Restricted Commercial Use Area in the western Noatak National Preserve in accordance with attached map prior to September 22nd, unless otherwise authorized by the Superintendent. All Commercial Activity in National Park Service units requires a Commercial Use Authorization “Permit” issued by the NPS. Check out a list of businesses authorized to transport and guide visitors in Noatak.

Last updated: September 22, 2020

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