Lt Colonel Henry Lee

Lt Colonel Henry Lee with Lee’s Legion
“Light Horse Harry”

Robert Wilson oil painting, 1980.

Cavalry Leader

Born: January 29, 1756, VA

Died: March 25, 1818 Cumberland Island, GA on way back to VA

Buried: Buried 1st at Cumberland Island, GA--1913 was moved to Washington & Lee University, VA

Nickname: Thus named in 1779 for his speed, horsemanship, and daring rides against the British.

At Ninety Six:

May 22- June 19, 1781

● 25 years old

June 8: Arrived from a battle at Augusta, GA. Advised Greene to attack Stockade & not the Star. He was adamantly against Kosciuszko’s plans. Greene allowed Lee to try to attack the Stockade Fort

June 8-10: Helped Pickens in directing men to dig zigzag trench 250 yards West of Stockade Fort.

June 12: Sent 10 men to set fire to abatis around Stockade. Attack failed & 6 men were killed.

June 18: During attack on the Star Fort, Lee sent men to attack the Stockade. After taking it, Lee wanted to move to attack the town, but Greene stopped him. Later Lee said, “His [Koscuiszko’s] blunder lost us Ninety Six.”

● Lee’s Legion: Created 1779. Reported to Greene in SC, January 13, 1781 with 100 horsemen & 180 infantry soldiers. Uniforms are similar to British Cavalrymen under Banastre Tarleton.

Father of Robert E. Lee

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