Long Range Interpretive Planning Workshop

In 2004 the interpretive planning process began at Nicodemus National Historic Site. A Foundations workshop was held in April 2005 and a Recommendations workshop was held in November 2005. Park staff, partners, regional NPS staff, and two media specialists from Harpers Ferry Center participated in the 2005 workshops. Due to changes in park management and concerns raised by park partners, the project was put on hold in late 2007. The original planner accepted another position, and a new planner was assigned to the project in August 2008.

Click here for the Executive Summary of what has been done to date and what remains to be accomplished.

The workshops will occur on March 10 (9am to 4 pm), 11 (9 am to 4 pm) and 12 (9 am to noon), 2009 at the Nicodemus Township Hall. All are welcome to attend. RSVP to Mark Weaver at 785 839 4321 or e-mail us.

More info on the workshops.

If you cannot attend the Workshop consider participating on an Online Open House at 7 pm on March 10 or 11. At this Online session we will review the results of that days workshop and take your comments. RSVP to Mark Weaver at 785 839 4321 or e-mail us.

More info on the Online Open Houses.

March 10 workshop outcomes

March 11 workshop outcomes

·Communication recommendations

·Revised who is the visitor?

·Desired visitor experiences

·What is a typical visit?

If you cannot attend either the Workshop or the Online Open House, send Mark Weaver an email with your comments. e-mail us. Thanks!

The Long-Range Interpretive Plan (LRIP) is the guiding document for planning and implementing visitor experiences, storytelling, and education at Nicodemus National Historic Site. It provides direction to park staff and partners for the next five to ten years, although in many cases implementation of the plan continues for up to twenty years. This document follows the requirements of the National Park Service (NPS) as well as the realities of a small, rural Kansas farm community. The ultimate product will be cost-effective, tightly focused and of high quality reflecting the standards of the NPS while showing great respect for the Nicodemus community.

The Long-Range Interpretive Plan is the heart of the Comprehensive Interpretive Planning (CIP) process outlined in NPS Management Policies and Director's Order #6.

Click here for the complete CIP Guideline.


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