Commercial Use Authorizations

What is a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA)?

Public Law 105-391, Section 418, which was signed in 1998, provides for the issuance of Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) to a private person, corporation, or other entity to provide suitable commercial services for park area visitors. Commercial activities are generally prohibited in National Parks unless authorized by a CUA or concessions contract.

What activities are authorized in Nez Perce National Historical Park Through a CUA?

Nez Perce National Historical Park issues activity based CUAs for the following activities.

Guided Services: This activity allows CUA holders to conduct formal one-hour interpretive programs in the park led by certified guides or park rangers. Programs offered must align with park-wide interpretive themes and be relevant to the mission of Nez Perce National Historical Park.

Hop On Hop Off Services: This activity allows CUA holders to provide informal interpretive services in the park led by certified guides or park rangers. Informal services are limited to question-and-answer sessions and facilitating a visit to the visitor center where guests may watch the park film, visit the museum, and peruse the bookstore.

General criteria for the issuance of a CUA

The authorization is issued to an operator to permit the provision of suitable commercial services to park area visitors. The superintendent determines if an operator can satisfactorily provide visitor services and carry out the terms of the CUA.The superintendent determines that the commercial services are “suitable”; that is, they (a) will have minimal impact on park area’s resources and values; (b) are consistent with the purposes for which the park area was established; and (c) are consistent with all applicable park area management plans, policies, and regulations.The holder must agree to comply with all the general and specific conditions described in the CUA conditions. You should familiarize yourself with these documents before applying for a CUA.

Length of time a CUA is issued

All CUAs are issued for up to one year. The CUA operating year is from January 1 to December 31.

Application period

Applications will be accepted beginning October 1 of the year prior to the operating year and will be accepted throughout the operating year. Please submit a complete application packet 60-days before your first trip in the park.

Fees associated with a CUA

National Park Service Policy requires the superintendent to charge a reasonable fee for CUAs. The park retains such fees to help pay for the cost of the CUA program, including administration, evaluations, monitoring, and training. All CUA activities require a $300 application fee due with the application. This fee is not refundable.

Annual Financial Reports due

Annual Financial Reports which cover the operating year and require reporting of gross receipts, are due by January 15 following the end of the operating year. Annual Financial Report forms will be available by October 1st of each operating year. Returning organizations must submit the Annual Report for the previous year before a new CUA will be issued. Click here for a copy of the CUA Annual Finacial Reporting form.

CUA fees processed

Commercial Use Authorization applicants must make all payments for application and management fees by check, cashiers check or money order and made payable to the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE.

Insurance Requirements for CUA Holders

Commercial General Liability InsuranceAll CUA holders are required to maintain comprehensive general liability coverage in the amount of $500,000 minimum per occurrence and must list the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as additionally insured.Commercial Automobile Liability CoverageIn addition to general liability coverage, the CUA holder must also maintain commercial automobile liability coverage for all owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles used to carry clients within the park for a trip under the CUA or if you utilize a vehicle in the performance of your CUA within the park. The minimum amount of commercial automobile liability coverage required is based on the number of passengers a vehicle was originally manufactured to carry and is shown in the table below. The policy shall be underwritten by a United States company and must list the following address as an additional insured party:

United States of America
39063 U.S. Highway 95
Lapwai, Idaho 83540
Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance Requirements
Number of Passengers Vehicle was Manufactured to Carry Minimum Required Coverage per Occurrence Liability Limits
Up to 6 passengers $1,000,000
6 - 15 passengers $1,500,000
16 - 25 passengers $3,000,000
26+ passengers $5,000,000

How to apply for a commercial use authorization

Step 1: Prepare the application packet:
  • Application

  • Application fee in a check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE.
  • Certificate of General Liability Insurance that lists the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as additionally insured

  • Proposed visit schedule.

Step 2: Mail the application packet to the park at:
Nez Perce National Historical Park
Commercial Use Authorization Program
39063 U.S. Highway 95
Lapwai, Idaho 83540

Step 3: The application packet will be reviewed and a CUA form will be sent for your signature along with the management fee or you will be informed if there is additional information required.

Step 4: Sign and mail the CUA form and management fee payment, made payable to the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, to the address in step 2.

Step 5: The superintendent will sign, and the final permit will be emailed back to you.

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If you have any questions regarding the CUA application process or requirements, please contact the CUA coordinator at 208-843-7023 or by email.

Last updated: January 4, 2023

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