Research Center Policies

Guidelines and Policies Rules Governing Use of Archives Collections Availability & Access:

  • Use of the archives collections by the public and park staff is by appointment with the research center manager.
  • Access to materials is dependent upon their physical condition, the level of processing to-date by the NPS, restrictions imposed by donors and the discretion of the research center manager.
  • All research must be done on-site in the research center.
  • Approval of all research requests will be based on availability of the research center staff to assist researchers.
  • The research center staff requests that the researcher read the abstracts in the archival guide or finding aids before requesting to view any collection of documents.
  • To ensure the conservation and security of these resources, browsing is not permitted.


  • When crediting the park, list “National Park Service”; the full park name; collection title; the catalog, box, folder, and image numbers; and credit the creator of the item (e.g., photographer) if known. (Example: Courtesy of National Park Service, Nez Perce National Historical Park; The Watson Store Papers, Cat. # 34485, Box 10, Folder 3.)

Research Center Rules:

  • Only lead pencils, not pens or markers, may be used for note taking.
  • Use of scanners, portable photocopy machines, and cameras (including digital cameras) may damage materials and infringe on copyright and must be approved by the research center manager.
  • Use of tape recorders, typewriters, and portable computers is subject to security procedures. Use of any equipment must not bother other researchers.
  • Only approved beverage containers will be allowed in the research center.
  • Copying is available within reasonable limits at 15 cents per page.
  • The research center will close if no supervisory staff is available.
  • Researchers must maintain quiet in the research center.
  • Researchers may not remove any archival or manuscript materials from the research center except with direct permission of the archivist/research center manager.
  • Researchers may work with archival or manuscript materials only in the research center, not in museum storage or staff work spaces.
  • The park reserves the right to limit access to fragile or restricted collections.
  • The park archives are not a lending library. Archival material will not be taken off-site.
  • Researchers will work with only one document from one folder from one box of materials at a time to avoid damaging a collection's original order.
  • Researchers who disregard these rules or endanger the records or the work of others will be denied access.
  • Permission to obtain a copy for scholarly purposes does not constitute permission to publish [See Copyright and Privacy Restrictions Statement, Appendix I.]


  • When handling the archival and manuscript materials, only one folder may be removed from a box at a time, and folders must be laid flat on the table.
  • Documents should be handled with utmost care and viewed only one at a time.
  • Manuscripts and books may not be leaned on, written on, folded, traced over, or handled in any manner that may damage them.
  • Researchers must maintain the original order of documents within their folders. Attending staff will be contacted if there is any sign of damage or if items appear to be out of order.No attempt will be made to reorder or rearrange the documents or folders or to repair any physical damage.
  • Cotton gloves must be used when handling photographic images.
  • Only one box or volume of material will be issued at one time.
  • Latex gloves must be worn when working with materials that may pose a health hazard.

Photo Reproduction and Ordering:

  • Photos may be purchased for use by the public for private use or in publications, films, exhibits and other commercial purposes. The reproduction of photographs will be arranged with the staff of the park's research center. The costs of such reproduction and attendant fees will be borne by the requester. The Park requires no additional use fees for publication but donations to the Park via "Discover Your Northwest" the cooperative association for Nez Perce NHP, are appreciated.
  • Nez Perce National Historical Park will only copy images under NPS ownership or those loaned to the National Park Service for duplication without restriction. Other images can be duplicated once the requester has received written permission from the private collector. Some images in the collection were obtained from other institutions for in-house use. It is the Park's policy not to reproduce these images, even if not so restricted by the source institution. The staff will provide the requester with the other facilities address and phone number.
  • While the National Park Service may have physical ownership of a photographic item, it assumes no responsibility for determining the copyright claims others might hold. It remains the user's responsibility to abide by copyright laws before using an image.
  • Any use of the photo collection material in publications, audio/visual programs or exhibits must use the following credit line: Photo courtesy of the Department of Interior, National Park Service, Nez Perce National Historical Park. Photo number__________.
  • The park, as a courtesy, requests two copies of completed works that contain photographs from its collection.

Library Loan Privileges:

  • Research Center collection material is available for on-site use only.
  • Abuse of resources will result in the loss of research center privileges.

Interlibrary Loan:

  • Interlibrary loans will only be made through the National Park Service’s Columbia Cascades Library in Seattle, Washington. Loans will be made of non-sensitive materials, and only with the concurrence of the Research Center manager. A log of loaned materials will be maintained.

Vertical File Policy:

  • Items in the vertical file are to be used in the Research Center only.


  • Material that could be damaged by handling or exposure to light cannot be photocopied.
  • Materials marked "Do Not Copy".
  • Materials photocopied for use outside of the park will be labeled: "NOTICE: This material may be protected by copyright law as found in Title 17, U.S. Code."

Last updated: November 6, 2017

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