Kate and Sue McBeth

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Kate McBeth

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Henry and Eliza Spalding brought the Presbyterian Church to Nez Perce country and in the following years built a small but devout congregation near Lapwai. After leaving Nez Perce country in the aftermath of the murder of the Whitmans at their mission, Henry Spalding returned in 1871 as a result of President Ulysses S. Grant's peace policy, allowing various Christian denominations to nominate Indian agents to administer tribal affairs. Spalding wanted to strengthen the Presbyterian Church on the reservation and end the growing influence of other denominations.
Sue McBeth as a young women
Sue McBeth

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Sue arrived in Lapwai in 1873 as a teacher and her sister followed in 1879. Sue and Kate McBeth built on Spalding's work and continued to strengthen the Presbyterian Church, vigorously enforcing church doctrine and stamping out traditional practices. Sue died in 1893 and Kate continued working until her death in 1915. The house they lived and worked out of is still standing in Kamiah but currently is not open to the public.

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The Mission Era

During the mid nineteenth century, Protestant and Roman Catholic missionaries spent time among the Nez Perce.

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Visit McBeth House

Visit the McBeth House, the home and school of Sue and Kate McBeth. Located in Kamiah, Idaho.

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