Pre Visit Materials

Prior to visiting the park, lead the class in the following activities:

View the movie “Nez Perce Portrait of a People” (many schools/school districts have purchased this & it is available for sale at the park visitor center for $19.95).

Before watching the film, pose the question "what do you think “culture” means" before and after the movie. Other questions to consider:

  • How did the Nez Perce people get their name?
  • Does their name represent their people and how?
  • How did the Nez Perce feel about the earth? Give examples.
  • Where did the Nez Perce believe they received their power?
  • What caused the U.S. Government to move the Nez Perce people off of their land?
  • How did the Nez Perces’ lives change as a result of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery expedition? Give examples.
  • Describe one part of the Nez Perce culture.
  • What might the movie mean when it says Nez Perce History in the past as well as the future?
  • What are some differences and similarities between how the Nez Perce people live today verses 100 years ago?
  • How do the Nez Perce people preserve their culture?
  • Why did some Nez Perce bands leave for Canada in 1877 and some stay on the reservation?
  • What impact did this have on the Nez Perce as a whole?
  • Have students develop one of their own questions to ask the class.

Last updated: November 3, 2017

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