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You can explore New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route by:

Sandy Hook Region is the northern most and is approximately 40 miles long.
Barnegat Bay Region is near the center of New Jersey's Atlantic seaboard and is about 45 miles long.
Absecon Region includes Atlantic City and Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and is 20 miles long.
Cape May Region is approximately 40 miles long and includes lighthouses, bird refuges, and the historic town of Cape May.
Delsea Region is the most remote with over 60 miles of wetlands, history, and migratory bird stop-over points.

or by

maritime history (trade, navigation, and defense)
historic settelments (building communities)
wildlife migration (birds, marine life, insects)
relaxation & inspiration (coastal scenery)
coastal habitats (designing a landscape)

Last updated: March 31, 2012