Plan Your Visit

You can explore New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route by region or by theme.

Each region is small enough to be explored in a day.

Perhaps sampling all of the destinations in a region appeals to you.

You can also plan your trip along New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail by exploring the five trail themes of special interest such as remote coastal habitats or lighthouses and forts or wildlife migrations or seaside towns and boardwalks or old fishing villages and forgotten towns.


For your safety please remember this is a vehicular trail, and that means roads. Motor vehicle laws are strictly enforced. Regulations differ among areas managed by federal, state, local, and private agencies. It is your responsibility to know the regulations.

Many Trail destinations are at least partially wheelchair accessible. Exact accessibility and accommodations vary from destination to destination. See the additional information web pages for a listing of each destination and contact telephone numbers.

Last updated: October 20, 2015