Volunteers holding an event at the parks visitor center

The national park visitor center is host to many events. To find out how to hold your event at the park read the guidelines below.


A special use permit allows a short-term activity to take place in a park area. Events of this type require some degree of management from the National Park Service in order to protect park resources and the public interest. The National Park Service may permit a special park use, provided the activity aligns with the national park’s resources and purpose for which the park was established and will not interfere with park operations nor visitor experience.

Before submitting your application, please read the park’s guidelines listed below carefully and download all of the necessary documents.

Things To Know

Special use permits are granted at the discretion of the superintendent.

Space is not reserved until the special use permit is signed and issued to the applicant.

A non-refundable application fee of $75.00 is required when submitting all applications.

Applications must be received at least 21 days in advance of the event. After review, if approved, a special permit will be granted to the applicant.

Special use permits will be issued no more than 3 months in advance.

Additional fees are charged for use of the facilities outside of regular operating hours of the park, including setup and cleanup time.

For special use permit events the park will provide tables and chairs only.
Wi-Fi is not available. Applicants with technical equipment are strongly advised to schedule an appointment with Denise DeLucia (508-996-4095 x6112) prior to the event to test and hold a trial run.

Areas Available For Permitted Use 1st floor Theater Max capacity: 55 No food or beverages in this area. 2nd floor Learning Center Approximately 2,000 square feet Max capacity: 180 Responsibilities Of The Applicant

Applicants must set up the room's tables, chairs, etc. for event. National Park Service staff will not be available nor expected to arrange the room.

After an event, applicants must restore the room to its previous configuration. Applicants must also clean the room, bagging all trash and leaving the room neat and orderly.

Applicant is responsible for bringing all audiovisual equipment, such as projectors, screens, laptops, extension cords, etc., for their event.

Application requirements for Special Use Permits at New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park Visitor Center can be obtained by downloading the documents in the links below. Please direct all questions and email all completed forms to: Denise DeLucia.

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