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Certain activities within the boundary of the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail may require a permit. The Natchez Trace implemented a new cost recovery program for the issuance of Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA). Filming within the park may also require a permit, depending the nature of, and the extent of the filming. If your filming activity involves multiple vehicles, it may be considered a large filming activity and require a more extensive application. For questions and permit applications, please contact the Ranger Activities Assistant by calling (662) 680-4014 or email us.

Special Use Permits - A special park use is an activity that takes place on park land or waters that meets the following criteria:

  • Provides a benefit to an individual, group, or organization, rather than the public at large,
  • Requires written authorization and some degree of National Park Service (NPS) management to protect park resources and public interests,
  • Is not prohibited by law,
  • Not initiated, sponsored, or conducted by the NPS,
  • Is not managed under a concession contract and,
  • Is not managed through a lease.

The following are some of the activities that may require a Special Use Permit. Please contact the Ranger Activities Assistant for questions and permit applications by calling (662) 680-4014 or email us.

  • Weddings
  • Religious Ceremonies
  • Walk/Run
  • Film
  • 1st Amendment
  • Scattering Ashes
  • Miscellaneous

Commercial Use Authorization - The NPS, upon request, can issue commercial use authorizations (CUAs) to persons (referring to individuals, corporations, and other entities) to provide commercial services to park area visitors in limited circumstances. There are two general types of commercial services that may be authorized by a CUA:

1. In-park services. "In-park services" refers to an operation with annual gross receipts of not more than $25,000 from commercial services originating and provided within park area.
2. Out-of-park services. "Out-of-park services" refers to the incidental use of park area resources by operations that provide commercial services originating and terminating outside of the park area (or within an inholding).

Some of the activities that may require a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA)

  • Wrecker/Towing
  • Charter Bus (See Below)
  • Commercial Filming/Photography
  • Other

Please note- New guidance is forthcoming on the issuance of CUA’s. For a road based commercial tour (charter bus), the company who owns the bus needs to obtain the CUA. If you are a travel company that coordinates and schedules a tour through a charter company, you do not need to obtain the CUA.

All permits are issued from the Chief Ranger's Office, located in Tupelo, Mississippi. If you have questions about permits or want a permit application, please call Monday thru Friday 8 am-4:30 pm (662) 680-4014 or email us. Applications can be faxed to (662) 680-4034. Applications may be mailed to:

Natchez Trace Parkway
Chief Ranger's Office - Permit Application
2680 Natchez Trace Parkway
Tupelo, MS 38804

Last updated: August 18, 2020

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