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Ongoing Projects

Completed since November 10, 2010

A — Ohio Drive Roadwork. This project, to repair and resurface Ohio Drive from 23rd Street and Independence Avenue to the Constitution Avenue belvedere.

Three Servicemen Statue Restoration Project. A “Challenge Cost Program” partnership funded this project with more than 75% provided by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. The statue rededication and unveiling took place July 8, 2010.

B — Vietnam Veterans Memorial Center. The underground center will be west of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial along 23rd Street NW. It will affect circulation and visitor experiences in the vicinity of Lincoln Circle and Henry Bacon Drive from 21st to 23rd streets. Surveys are underway and the project is in concept design. The project is entirely funded by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

E — Lincoln Memorial Security and Reflecting Pool Area.
The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is once again glistening with water with its $34 million rehabilitation project completed. The pool had been closed since 2010 to reconstruct both the pool and surrounding landscape. The grounds of the Reflecting Pool were also upgraded, with new concrete sidewalks in place of the gravel paths adjacent to the pool to improve the visitor experience and reduce soil erosion. The lighting along the Elm Walks have been replaced with energy efficient, dark sky compliant lighting.

On-going project work

C — Constitution Avenue Roadwork. This project will repair and resurface Constitution Avenue from 17th to 19th streets, as well as provide new granite curbs, curb cuts, new concrete sidewalks on both sides of the street, concrete walks connecting bus drop-offs to the main east-west sidewalk on the south side, new street lights, and a new stormwater drainage system. Portions of travel lane work could begin earlier. The project is scheduled for spring 2011, but it could be accelerated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

D — Potomac Park Levee Project.The National Park Service, in cooperation with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, District of Columbia Government, and the National Capital Planning Commission designed a new levee temporary barrier system, to improve the reliability of river flood protection provided by the Potomac Park levee system to a portion of the monumental core and downtown Washington D.C. Without adequate flood protection measures, several downtown locations, including portions of the monumental core, portions of Pennsylvania and Constitution avenues, and other public and private facilities south of the U.S. Capitol to Fort McNair, are at risk of flooding from a major (100-year plus) flood event. Construction of a levee closure structure for 17th Street is scheduled to begin in December 2010 and be completed by December 2011.

F — D.C. War Memorial. Rehabilitation of the D. C. War Memorial is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The project has been approved, the contract has been awarded, and restoration is expected to begin in late summer 2010 and last until June 2011.

G — Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. A national memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was built on a 4-acre site on the northwest corner of the Tidal Basin and completed for opening in August 2011. After construction, the National Park Service will maintain and operate the memorial. The project was funded entirely by the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc.

H — Thomas Jefferson Memorial Plaza and Seawall Rehabilitation. The National Park Service worked on repairing the seawalls near the plaza. Construction was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Construction began in spring 2010 to stabilize and repair the seawalls and was completed in August 2011.