Uptown Parks

Image of American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial
American Veterans Disabled for Life

The memorial shines a light on the courage, sacrifice and honor of those who were disabled as a result of military service.

Image of Benito Juárez statue
Benito Juárez Memorial

One of the "Statues of the Liberators" along Virginia Ave, the statue honors the five term (and first indigenous) president of Mexico.

Image of a statue of a man on a horse
Casimir Pulaski Memorial

Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, this memorial honors the Polish commander who became known as "the father of the American cavalry."

Statue of Admiral David Farragut
David G. Farragut Memorial

Cast from the propeller of his flagship, the statue of Adm David Farragut stands in a park bearing his name two blocks from the White House.

Image of D.C. War Memorial
District of Columbia War Memorial

The DC War Memorial was designed with a bandstand so that each concert would be a tribute to those DC residents who served in the Great War.

Statue of Edmund Burke in winter
Edmund Burke Memorial

Britain's proponent of preventing violence in the American colonies during the American Revolution is remembered in the nation's capital.

Image of state of George Mason
George Mason Memorial

Southwest of the Jefferson Memorial in West Potomac Park, this memorial commemorates the contributions of an important Founding Father.

Image of Holodomor Memorial
Holodomor Memorial

Dedicated to the 7 to 10 million Ukrainian citizens who died during the manmade famine of 1932-33.

Image of John Ericsson Memorial at sunset.
John Ericsson Memorial

Swedish-born engineer-inventor transformed naval warfare through his design of the iron-plated USS Monitor

Statue of John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones Memorial

American Revolution naval hero John Paul Jones is remembered with a memorial between the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial.

Image of Dupont fountain
Samuel Francis Dupont Memorial Fountain

Dupont Circle and the public fountain in its center are both named after Samuel F. Dupont, who served in the Union navy during the Civil War

Image of the Titanic Memorial
Titanic Memorial

Dedicated to the men who gave their lives in the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the memorial overlooks the Washington Channel in southwest DC.

Equestrian statue of George Washington
Washington Circle

This equestrian state of General George Washington was the second memorial built in the nation's capital.

Equestrian statue of Winfield Scott Hancock
Winfield Scott Hancock Memorial

"Hancock the Superb" keep watch over Pennsylvania Avenue, where he supervised the funeral of General Ulysses S. Grant.

Image of Winfield Scott statue
Winfield Scott Memorial (Scott Circle)

Lt Gen Winfield Scott, the “Grand Old Man of the Army,” served as a general longer than any other man in America history.

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