The safety of our visitors is very important to the management and staff of the National Mall and Memorial Parks. Here are a few safety tips for your visit to our historical sites and monuments:

Pace Yourself
Be prepared for exercise. Visiting all or some of the monuments on the same day is quite a bit of walking. Obtain a map of the sites and plan appropriately.

Dress appropriately for the season
There are good walking distances between some of the monuments. For the warmer months, wear light airy clothing and wide brim hats for protection from the sun. In colder months, you'll want to layer-up your clothing. Check the weather the day of your visit.

Fluid Intake
As you take in the history around you, don't forget to drink water or other rehydrating liquids. You can dehydrate in any season.

Should be comfortable with treaded soles to prevent slippage.

Slips, Trips and Falls
Some of the monument stones can be slippery when wet, stay on the pathway as you go to each monument, step carefully. For your own safety, please do not wade or swim in the memorial fountains.

Park Wildlife
Even though it's an urban area, we do have wildlife. They can be fun to observe. However, for your safety: Do Not Feed any Wildlife in the park!

Washington, DC is an active city. Stay aware of your surroundings, stick with your buddy or group, and designate a rendezvous point in case you get separated. Be sure to have cell phones available. Only cross the street at designated crosswalks.

Lost Children
Tell a Park Ranger and call the U.S. Park Police. If a lost child is found by Park Rangers, they will contact the U.S. Park Police.

Contact the site Park Ranger for assistance. They can provide guidance for many situations on the Mall including emergencies.

If an emergency arises, contact the U.S. Park Police at 202-610-7500 or call 911.

Last updated: August 28, 2015

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