Cost Recovery Charges

Cost Recovery Charges

The NPS will charge a fee and recover costs for special park use permits except where fees are prohibited by law or Executive Order. First Amendment demonstrations are not subject to fees or cost recovery.

Application Processing Cost
The application processing cost ranges from $90 to $250. This application processing cost is non-refundable and covers the amount expended by the NPS in processing the permit request. The payment of the application fee does not guarantee the approval or issuance of a permit.

Administrative Cost Recovery
For more complex applications, a refundable cost recovery deposit may be required to pay for costs incurred by the park. Cost recovery is based on the size and complexity of the event and can range from $500 to $500,000 or more. Applicants will be provided an estimate of costs in advance and payment is due prior to issuance of the final permit.

The deposit estimate will include costs such as permit event monitoring field-based facility maintenance support, restoration and/or rehabilitation, or cleanup of parkland. Monitoring of your event by NPS Events Compliance Monitors may be required and is at the discretion of park management. The scope and complexity of the permitted activity will determine the level and type of monitoring required. The cost includes employee travel time to and from park headquarters to and from the event site.

Monitoring is typically estimated at a rate of $45 per hour, per employee, and will increase if overtime is required.

Facility maintenance services including, but not limited to, removal of fences, trash removal, and/or blocking vehicles requested by your event will be reviewed and is at the discretion of park management if the service can be provided. The cost for facility maintenance services includes employee labor costs, materials, and supplies. Facility maintenance services are typically estimated at rate of $50 per hour, per employee, and will increase if overtime is required.

All other special use permit’s administrative cost recovery, including non-standard wedding permits, will be determined by the costs incurred by the park.

Effective May 6, 2023, National Mall and Memorial Parks will charge full administrative cost for event monitoring and facility maintenance services.

Additional Associated Costs
Once a permit application is reviewed by staff and a security need are determined, US Park Police will provide a recommended staffing plan with a fee schedule, rate per officer, per hour (for a minimum of 5 hours) to the applicant. Payment for Park Police services must be made upon receipt of cost recovery notification. Rates are subject to change and additional rates may apply. These costs are separate from permit monitoring and facility maintenance charges.

Parking for your event may be reserved in advance. Parking fees for event vehicles is $2.30 per hour. Payment for parking meters fees is due prior to the issuance of the permit.

Parking meters are located on Jefferson Drive, Madison Drive, Constitution Avenue between 15th and 23rd Streets, Parkway Drive, Ohio Drive, Tidal Basin parking lots, and the A, B, and C parking lots on Ohio Drive.

Cost Recovery Authority
54 USC 103104 (Cost Recovery) 54 USC 103104: Recovery of costs associated with special use permits (

Last updated: May 3, 2023

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