Junior Ranger Scavenger Hunt

NAMA Junior Ranger Day Scavenger Hunt
Happy National Park Week! While we wish we could be out in the park today, we hope you will take some time to celebrate national parks from home. Here’s an online scavenger hunt for National Mall and Memorial Parks. Once you have explored the park, you can design your own Junior Ranger badge and create your pledge. Share on the National Mall’s social media page if you like! https://www.facebook.com/NationalMallNPS/

Begin at www.nps.gov/nama. Click on Things To See.
Choose any 5 of the following to earn your National Mall Virtual Junior Ranger Day badge!

**Thomas Jefferson Memorial
How did the Jefferson statue get placed in the building?
Click on Thomas Jefferson Memorial, then “A Shrine to Freedom”, then Installation of the Statue.

**Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
What was FDR’s pet’s full name?
Click on Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, then Presidential Pet.
Draw your pet’s statue as he/she might appear in your memorial.

**Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
What quotation serves as the theme for the Memorial?
Click on Martin Luther King, Jr, then Words that Inspire.

**Washington Monument
Find your state’s commemorative stone. Design your own stone for George Washington.
Click on Washington Monument, then Through the Years.

**Lincoln Memorial
Find the picture of the Lincoln Memorial under construction. What part is missing?
Click on Lincoln Memorial, then History of the Lincoln Memorial, then Memorial Builders

Part 2: Click on Lincoln Memorial, then Learn About the Park at the top, then Photo & Multimedia, then Multimedia Presentations—Listen or watch the piece by Gil Lyons, former ranger at National Mall and Memorial Parks. Think about what the Lincoln Memorial means to you.

**Constitution Gardens
Click on Constitution Gardens; look at the photograph. This is a natural setting in the middle of the city.
Can you find at least five natural or man-made objects in this photo?

**World War II Memorial
Click on World War II Memorial, then Learn About the World War II Memorial, then History & Culture, then Pearl Harbor and the World War II Memorial
Find the Victory medal, given to soldiers after the war. Design your own victory medal that you would give to soldiers.

**Other Memorials
At the bottom of the page are seven other sites on the National Mall. Pick one that interests you so that you can learn more about it. Share two new facts you learned with your family.

**Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Click on Vietnam Veterans Memorial, then Learn About the Park at the top, then Collections.
Visitors to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial leave items behind to honor and remember the soldiers. What objects to you find displayed on this page?

**Korean War Veterans Memorial
Find the picture of the Korean War Veterans Memorial statue. What else do you see in the picture?
Click on Korean War Veterans Memorial, then Learn About the Park, then Kids & Youth.
Junior Ranger Blank Badge
Fill in your Junior Ranger Badge with your own artwork


Write your pledge for becoming a National Mall and Memorial Parks Virtual Junior Ranger

Last updated: April 17, 2020

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