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At first glance, Natural Bridges is a quiet, empty world. Nothing seems to move. The only sound is wind moving through the canyons. If you sit and wait a while, you’ll start to hear the shushing of Cottonwood leaves moving below. The scurrying of a squirrel sends a pebble clattering down the slickrock. Stay even longer to hear the trilling cry of a canyon wren and pick out the ruby-toned buds of claret cup cactus nestled among white stone. If you return tomorrow, a thunderstorm may send a flood twisting down White Canyon. If you return next year, Owachomo Bridge may no longer be standing.

The momentary stillness of canyon country is deceptive. The same processes that formed this seemingly eternal landscape are still at work, continually changing the world of Natural Bridges.

a lizard with a yellow head sits on bare slickrock
Collared lizard

NPS/Andrew Kuhn

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Last updated: February 19, 2018

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